NFL Gambling Policy Updates

NFL Gambling Policy Updates

 October 11, 2023

The NFL gambling policy has been revised,and the league is reinstating three players who previously received long suspensions. The new policy reduces the punishment for gambling on non-NFL sports from within team facilities to two games.

The minimum suspension for gambling on NFL games has now increases to one year, and for players who bet on their own teams the minimum suspension was raised to two years. The league said it periodically reviews the rules on gambling “to ensure that it is responsive to changing circumstances and fully addresses our commitment to protect the integrity of our game.”

The league has consulted with the Players Association and teams in recent weeks to ensure NFL gambling policy are “clear, properly communicated, and focused on protecting the integrity of the game and the reputations of everyone connected with the NFL.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell or a person he designates decides violations of the policy. Should a player violated the updated NFL gambling policy by betting on a game they will receive a minimum one year suspension, and a minimum of two years suspended if that player bets on a game involving his own team.

Match fixing will carry a permanent ban from the league, and hiring someone to make a bet for them (known as proxy betting) will carry an indefinite suspension, with a minimum of one year, as will providing inside information.

Players may also be suspended for violating the NFL gambling policy for betting on other sports while at team facilities. A violation will carry a two-game suspension without pay, and a second violation will result in a six-game suspension without pay. A third violation gets a player a minimum of one year out of the league.

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