5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Rummy Game


The rummy game looks quite easy to learn and play at first glance. But once you really start playing the game, you will realize it is not that easy at all. Rummy is a skill game that tests your intelligence, decision-making ability, analytical thinking and logical-reasoning skills all at the same time. 

Mere knowledge of how to play rummy will not help you ace the game. There’s a lot more you need to know as well as do to become a champion. But before you get there, how about going through a few common mistakes committed by rummy players during a cash game or a tournament?

This blog post will help you avoid the 5 most common mistakes made by players in rummy.

  1. Skipping practice tables

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, playing practice games is extremely crucial. It helps you get acquainted with the game concepts, strategies to implement during challenging situations, and tips and tricks to win the game. Moreover, you also get to compete with real players and learn new strategies from them.

However, there are many players who skip practice games altogether and directly opt to play rummy for real money. Even if you know the game thoroughly, skipping practice games can be the biggest blunder you make. You may lose a series of games and incur a huge loss. Your desire to play for huge prizes shouldn’t meddle with your logical thinking. Ensure that you play enough practice games before joining any cash contest or tournament.

  1. Holding on to ungrouped high-value cards

Rummy requires skills, patience, and perseverance. If you are dealt multiple high-value cards, you are at risk of losing and incurring a high penalty, especially if someone else at the table declares before you. 

High-value cards such A’s, Ks, Qs, and Js carry 10 points each. If you have multiple high-value cards that remain ungrouped even after the first few turns, you should discard them at the earliest. 

  1. Letting go off the wild jokers

Wild jokers are randomly selected at the beginning of the game and play an important role in rummy. If you are dealt a wild joker, ensure that you do not discard it. This is because many players often confuse it with just another card in their hand and get rid of it. 

There is a high possibility of you making this mistake too as rummy is fast-paced in nature. If you discard a wild joker, you reduce your chances of creating a required combination quickly. So it is highly recommended that you take a closer look at your cards before discarding them.

  1. Making an invalid declaration

There are many players who declare their cards hastily and end up making an invalid declaration. Players are often in a hurry to declare their hand before anyone else at the table. In the process, they end up declaring their hand without even taking the time to inspect it first. Making an invalid declaration will cost you as much as 80 penalty points, which is the highest penalty one can incur in a rummy game. So it is advisable to check your cards thoroughly before declaring them. 

  1. Ignoring your opponent’s moves

Multi-tasking is a skill that can either make or break your rummy game. When you play rummy, you are not only required to keep a close eye on your own cards but also on that of your opponent. If you watch your opponent’s moves closely, you can try and guess the type of combinations they are trying to create and even identify their next possible move in the game. 

When you ignore your opponent’s moves, you are most likely to fall for their tricks and lose the game. So it is important to watch and remember every move made by your competitor.

If you are a beginner in rummy games, you should try your best to avoid these mistakes. It is ideal to start with practice games before moving on to the cash tables. 

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