5 Ways to Enhance Your Multi-Table Rummy Skills


Rummy is indeed the most entertaining card game that is played by two to six players at a time. In this game, players have to arrange cards into relevant combinations and declare them in the minimum possible time. If the declaration is valid, the player wins the game and takes away the winning stakes which may be cash prizes or other rewards such as cars, bikes, laptops, and smartphones.

Ever since rummy went online, the game became available in multiple formats, variations, and even in 2-player and 6-player tables. The game progresses relatively slowly on a 6-player when compared with 2 player table. Despite being ready with your move, you have to wait for more than 2 minutes to play your turn, thus leaving you exhausted during the game. 

If you are someone who hates waiting, have you ever thought about utilizing your spare time at multiple tables? Yes, multi-table feature in online rummy allows you to play on multiple tables at a time. This is a useful feature especially when you want to maximize your chances of winning a game. 

But how to play on multiple tables at the same time? Isn’t it challenging to manage more than one table simultaneously? Well, it is not challenging at all! If you practice these tricks, you can surely ace your next stint with multi-tables. 

Just one more table

If you are just getting started with multi-tables, it is recommended that you should avoid playing on more than two tables. Please keep in mind that your sole purpose at this point is to gain rummy skills and utilize them effectively on multiple tables. You should focus on mastering your strategies and giving a tough fight to your competitors in different scenarios of the game.

Moreover, it is ideal to play at two tables at a time especially when you cannot afford to lose. When you enter multiple tables, remain confident about your skills and acquire skills to read your opponents on the table. Navigate to another table only when you have a strategy in place.

Practice with the same variation

One of the most useful tips to get started with multi-tables is to gain skills and experience with a rummy variation of your choice. Indian rummy comes in three variations namely – Points, Pool and Deals. Before finding your comfort zone, you might have practiced and played each variation. But in case of multi-table, you should avoid playing all the variations and stick to one variant only.

Practicing one variant will help you game confidence in your multi-table skill. Otherwise, you may lose focus or get confused while playing two different variants at the same time. No matter if you have years of experience in playing rummy games, use a safe approach and play only one variation while on multiple tables.

Select 2-player table for playing on multiple-tables

Another useful trick to ace at multi-tables is to play on 2 player tables. Suppose you play on a 2-player as well as a 6-player table, you may find it difficult to manage your time on both the tables. There are situations where you may have to play on both tables simultaneously. As playing different variations is challenging, playing on 2 players as well as 6 players can be tedious and confusing. 

As mentioned earlier, playing on a 2 player table is relatively easier as you can focus on one opponent at a time. Decoding an opponent’s game plan is much easier than doing the same for 11 other players on the table. 

If you are looking to enhance your multi-table skills, start with a 2-player table first. Slowly, you can switch to 6 player table when you get acquainted with handling more than one opponent at a time.

Follow a consistent approach 

If you know how to play rummy, you might have learned several strategies to give a tough fight to your opponent. But when it comes to multi-tabling, you should be extra careful of the strategies used in the game. Follow a consistent playing style throughout the game to avoid unnecessary hassle during the game.

If you have trouble maintaining a consistent style, you can always try one or two strategies on all the tables. Of course, there may be situations when you have to utilize a new approach altogether. Apart from that, you should make it a habit to follow the strategies across all the tables to prevent confusion during the game. Also, use strategies that you are most comfortable with while playing on multiple tables. 

We hope these simple tricks will help you get through challenging situations on multiple tables in online rummy. Always remember to play rummy for entertainment purposes only. 

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