7th Consecutive Record for Pennsylvania Online Gambling


 February 26, 2021

It took a while to get going, but now it seems there’s no stopping Pennsylvania online gambling. The state set a record for revenue in December with over $70 million, which was a jump of nearly 500% from  January of 2020.

Collectively, the online betting market in Pennsylvania was over $80 million… and that is not counting sports betting. Web based casino games such as slots and table games had the largest growth, while poker revenue remained steady.

A major trend in Pennsylvania is that table games are outpacing the growth of slot machines. Betting activity for the table games has exceeded slots since last November, and monthly revenue has been better for table games since at least July.

Land-based casinos still make up the majority of income for the state, however. Total gaming growth for the year did offset losses associated with the pandemic… but not by much. Revenue for 2020 ended the year with a modest 2.7% growth overall.

To read more about Pennsylvania online gambling, including figures provided by the Gaming Control Board, visit Online Poker Report.

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