Banger Brewing to Close on Fremont Street


Scott Roeben

By Scott Roeben, on December 12 2022

A beloved downtown brewery, Banger Brewing, is closing.

The brewery, located in the Neonopolis complex, is expected to close by the first week of January, but could close as soon as the end of the year. (We trust they’ll hold for New Year’s Eve.)

Banger Brewing
We don’t drink beer, but we might have to pour one out for Banger.

During a call to Banger Brewing, we were told employees have been informed of the closure by ownership, and no further details are available about the sad turn of events.

We’ve visited Banger Brewing often, despite never having had a beer, because our friends and co-workers (we used to work a few feet away at Fremont Street Experience) love it so much.

We stopped by more often when they upped their food game.

Banger Brewing was special because it was founded by five friends. Here’s more about Banger Brewing.

Banger Brewing
Sadly, Banger’s flights have been canceled.

“Banger” is actually a nickname of one of the company’s partners, Michael “Banger” Beaman.

The closure of Banger Brewing has yet to be officially announced.

It appears Banger Brewing is up for sale. The asking price is $250,000. A listing gives some details about the business, with gross revenue at $536,743. The venue seats 95 and produces 1,000 barrels a year.

The listing also says, “Retail frontage space on The Strip,” so take the listing with a grain of salt.

What’s accurate in the listing is this part, “Millions of people per year that walk right in front of business, allows the business to do zero marketing.” Facts.

Another fun fact: Banger Brewing’s rent is $10,200 per month.

Banger Brewing
Banger Brewing opened in 2013.

Local breweries have taken some hits lately. The popular brewery at Ellis Island recently closed as well.

Businesses some and go, but the closure of Banger Brewing hits hard. It has always seemed like a business with a heart, and it’s always been a go-to for beer lovers visiting Las Vegas.

We’ll share more if additional details become available, and tanks for the memories, Banger.

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