Don’t let online gambling destroy your digital aspirations


 The rapid development of digital technology has been able to stimulate the country’s economic growth, but the fact is that it also opens the door to online gambling activities that are becoming more widespread.

The ever -expanding broadband telecommunications coverage has increased the use of mobility technology, yet when it has been misused primarily for gambling purposes, the impact has been devastating.

If the misuse of online access is misused for indirect detrimental purposes it has a negative impact on the national economy. On the positive side, many responsible citizens are leveraging digital platforms that are mobile in nature to make a living in the virtual world.

However, when the Sarawak government introduced the Digital Economy policy to achieve developed state status by 2030, there were a handful of irresponsible parties who abused the development of digital technology to carry out cyber crime activities. The unrestricted ‘fingertip’ world allows anyone to conduct transactions whether legally or illegally in terms of cyber law. As a result, various types of crime occur in the digital world, including online gambling, which is believed to have reached a critical level and is difficult to curb.

It can be said that it is growing fast and many are stuck with the symptoms like a ‘pandemic’ that spreads in society regardless of rich or poor status. This is because they will be addicted when they have enjoyed their first victory and then want to try their luck at the ‘jackpot’  as long as there is capital to gamble.

The addiction to online gambling has caused many people to run out of money until their salaries do not reach the end of the month, and even household spending is affected. Because of the pursuit of double profits, addiction to online gambling activities is more detrimental than a bag of lucrative profits.


The rapid pace of digital technology has opened the door for gambling syndicates to operate in cyberspace and make profits reaching millions of ringgit in a short time.

Anyone with a Smartphone becomes the target of a gambling syndicate that will offer random attractive promotions to lure gambling feet. In addition, gambling syndicates will also use the services of foreign women to make random phone calls to any number obtained. Compared to before, gambling syndicates will rent premises to operate but the advantages of online technology allow gambling organizers to run a gambling business without meeting gamblers ’feet.

All top -up transactions can be done by transferring money through online banking or through ATM machines. In fact, there are also many who like to do transactions directly at gambling ‘value-added’ shops that are usually hidden behind various businesses such as grocery stores, convenience stores and so on, as long as there is an Internet network. However, the authorities, especially the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) are always sniffing the modus operandi and tactics of the movement of online gambling .

The habit of gambling online has also brought consequences to a civil servant when his desire to get married at the end of August had to be forgotten. According to sources, the man in his 30s is said to have spent more than RM3,000 of his savings to buy online gambling top-up credits and it all ran out in just a few hours. Error with the defeat he suffered, the man returned home and told his father that he had been snatched. Undoubtedly online gambling syndicates are increasingly cunning in organizing their operating strategies.

The sophistication of technology has also enabled dark organizations and international gambling syndicates to use social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram to intensify the promotion of online gambling to lure local gamblers.

In fact, illegal online gambling syndicates are able to conduct their operations from abroad making their activities difficult to detect by the authorities in the country. if we study the Parimatch review of online gambling then it proved that Their operation is made easier with the application of ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN) which is a network technology that allows network connections to be made difficult where all data sent or received is protected by VPN server encryption. It allows web access done through a browser to enter the VPN server first until the ‘Internet Protocol’ address of the computer or Smartphone is hidden, thus protecting personal data when using the Internet network.

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