Dude Breaks Record for Eating 20,000 Calorie Burger at Heart Attack Grill


In a town teeming with indulgence, Heart Attack Grill stands out as a symbol of over-the-top excess.

For example, the downtown restaurant serves an Octuple Bypass Burger that clocks in at a staggering 20,000 calories.

Competitive eater Matt Stonie recently smashed the record for devouring this bad boy, with a time of four minutes, 10 seconds.

The previous record was seven minutes, 42 seconds.

Matt Stonie Heart Attack Grill

You say “death wish” like it’s a bad thing.

The new record was witnessed by the controversial owner of Heart Attack Grill, Jon Basso, and about 60 customers. (Basso refers to himself as Dr. Jon, but he’s not a real doctor.)

Heart Attack Grill’s Octuple Bypass Burger features 8.5 beef patties, 40 slices of bacon, 16 slices of cheese, a whole onion, two tomatoes and chili. Plus the buns.

The towering burger weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds, about four pounds of which is the meat.

The Octuple Bypass Burger costs $24.02. The 40 bacon slices cost an additional $7.39. Flatliner Fries, deep fried in pure lard, are a mere $1.85.

For comparison purposes, the Octuple Bypass Burger has about the same amount of calories as 40 Quarter Pounders with cheese from McDonald’s.

Here’s a look at this jaw-dropping feat of mastication.

Watching Stonie demolish this daunting pillar of carbs is mesmerizing.

Stonie, whose nickname is “Megatoad,” has a strong pedigree when it comes to taking on gastronomical challenges.

He’s the number four ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating. Yes, that’s an actual thing.

Stonie’s YouTube channel has 14.6 million subscribers and at least one new fan following his feat at Heart Attack Grill, namely us.

Octuple Bypass Burger

We agree with the restaurant owner. This record won’t be broken again in our lifetime.

The viral video of Stonie’s Octuple Bypass Burger world record is sure to provide some publicity for Heart Attack Grill.

The restaurant, located in downtown’s Neonopolis mall, opened in Las Vegas in 2011. The original location was in Tempe, Arizona, and opened in 2005.

There was an attempt at another Heart Attack Grill location at the Hawaiian Marketplace, but it inexplicably closed after just two months.

Heart Attack Grill Strip

If you blinked, you missed it. We don’t blink.

Heart Attack Grill is known for humorless people trashing it, but also for its weight scale and sign that reads, “Over 350 Pounds Eats Free.”

We are not making this up.

The restaurant’s servers dress in skimpy nurse uniforms and customers don hospital gowns. It’s a whole thing.

Heart Attack Grill is also known for giving guests the option of a spanking if they can’t finish their meal.

Heart Attack Grill has been an easy target for critics, and yes, people have died of actual heart attacks at the restaurant. It literally says “heart attack” in the name of the place. You either get it or you don’t.

Heart Attack Grill

Let’s just say Heart Attack Grill is wired differently.

Big props to Matt Stonie for his dizzying feat! His record was set on July 26, 2021.

Heart Attack Grill isn’t for everyone, but it sort of fits with the irreverent, defiant spirit of Las Vegas.

Just be forewarned, Heart Attack Grill is not for the faint of heart.

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