EXCITING! – Buckle Up as TigerGaming Adds Straddles to Their Cash Game Tables


There are plenty of reasons to play real money online poker at TigerGaming. Not only do they have an excellent tournament offering that won’t break the bank, but the site also features an abundance of fantastic features that makes the gameplay exciting.

Now, the platform has introduced something to spice up their cash games by adding the option to Straddle.

You’ve probably heard of straddling before and have likely seen it take place on poker live streams such as High Stakes Poker and Hustler Casino Live. However, if you’re still not too familiar with the term, PokerNews has got you covered on what a straddle is and the reasons why people choose to do it.

What is a Straddle?

In poker, a straddle refers to a voluntary blind bet made by a player who is not in the blinds (the small blind and the big blind). The straddle occurs before the cards are dealt and acts as a third blind, effectively increasing the stakes of the game. You should also know that straddling is only an option in cash games and not applicable in tournament poker.

Typically, the player to the left of the big blind can straddle. By placing a straddle bet, that player essentially doubles the big blind before any cards are dealt. For example, in a $5/$10 blinds game, the straddle would typically be $20.

The purpose of a straddle is to generate more action and increase the pot size, which can create a more aggressive and exciting game. However, it’s worth noting that not all poker games allow straddles, and their availability may depend on the specific casino or home game rules.

Once a straddle is made, the action proceeds as usual, starting from the player to the left of the straddle. The straddler has the last option to act pre-flop if there is no raise. If someone raises before the action reaches the straddler, then the straddle acts as a normal blind and can call, raise, or fold when the action returns to them.

It’s important to remember that straddling is an optional play, and players should carefully consider its potential impact on their stack and strategy before deciding to do so.

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Five Reasons People Straddle in Poker

People choose to straddle in poker for a variety of reasons. Here are a few common motivations:

  1. Increasing Action: Straddling is often done to liven up the game and generate more action. By adding a third blind, the pot size increases, which can entice players to play more hands and create a more exciting atmosphere at the table.
  2. Exploiting Tight Games: In games where players are generally conservative or tight, a straddle can serve as a way to loosen up the action and encourage opponents to play more hands. It can be a strategic move to take advantage of the players’ reluctance to participate in large pots.
  3. Gaining Positional Advantage: By straddling, a player can effectively buy the positional advantage by being the last to act pre-flop. This can provide them with more information about their opponents’ actions before deciding how to proceed with their hand.
  4. Psychological Warfare: Straddling can be used as a psychological tactic to disrupt opponents’ strategies and force them to adjust. It can create confusion, pressure opponents’ stacks, and potentially lead to suboptimal decisions.
  5. Social or Recreational Reasons: In some cases, players straddle simply because it’s a common practice among their group or at the casino they’re playing in. It may be seen as a fun or recreational aspect of the game that adds an extra element of excitement.

It’s important to note that while straddling can be a strategic move in certain situations, it also carries inherent risks. By voluntarily increasing the stakes, players expose themselves to higher potential losses. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the game dynamics, stack sizes, and individual playing styles before deciding whether or not to straddle.

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List of Restricted Countries

Please be aware that residents of the following countries cannot play at TigerGaming. The list is updated regularly, so it pays to frequent the terms and conditions page on the TigerGaming website.

Central African RepublicCote DivoireCubaDemocratic Republic of CongoEritrea
FranceFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Souther TerritoriesGuinea
LiberiaLibyan Arab JamahiriyaMaliMaltaMyanmar
NetherlandsNetherlands AntillePanamaRepublic of KoreaSierra Leone
SloveniaSomaliaSouth AfricaSudanSyrian Arab Republic
United KingdomUnited StatesUS Minor Outlying IslandsVirgin IslandsYemen

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