Florida Online Gambling Removed from Sports Betting


 May 28, 2021

In a disappointing move, Republican Legislators were able to remove any possibility of Florida online gambling from the states sports betting expansion legislation. However, there is a possibility that the move was necessary to pass the bill and legalize betting on sports. This expansion of gambling in the state also has legislators creating bills to establish the Florida Gaming Control Commission.

The deal was made possible via an agreement with the Seminole Tribe. However, it has also been revealed that any form of wagering on sporting events will not be permitted until at least mid-October of this year. Lawmakers said that the delay was to assure that gambling on sporting events is launched with the appropriate safeguards in place.

A representative for Seminole Gaming stated that they had not planed any launch of sports wagering in the state sooner than October. That is the time frame needed to assure that there is appropriate infrastructure in place. He added that they “…want to make sure we get it right.” The tribe already runs a sports book in their Atlantic City location in New Jersey.

We will feature more on the expansion of sports betting and Florida online gambling as it happens.

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