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How to Fish Your Competitors in Online Rummy?


Fish Your Opponents

The outcomes of card games like online rummy rely on the cards dealt to each player at the table. However, a player can turn the game in their favor through careful planning and strategizing. 

Your ability to plan and strategize depends on how well you know the game. When you first started playing rummy, you might have learned and implemented each and every strategy out there. But have you ever tried fishing your opponents? 

If not, here’s how you can outsmart everyone at the table using the fishing strategy.

What is fishing in online rummy?

Fishing is a rummy technique often used by skilled players and experts that involves tricking your opponents into discarding the card or cards that you need to win a particular game.

Suppose you have these cards in hand: K♠, K♦ and Q♣. If you pick either K♣ or K♥ on one of your turns, you can group it with K♠ and K♦ to complete a set. To fish your opponent, you need to discard Q♣. This move may trick your opponent into believing that you don’t have any use for K♣ since you discarded its adjacent card, which was required to create a sequence. Under this wrong presumption, your opponent is likely to discard K♣ if they have it in hand. If they do discard it, you can pick it up from the discard pile to complete your set. The fishing technique works with both sets and sequences. 

Tricks to ace the fishing strategy

Expert rummy players utilize multiple tricks to outsmart their opponents. Here are some tips that can help you fish your opponents in the game:

  1. Pick cards from the open deck: By picking cards from the open pile, you are likely to confuse your opponent. They might fear losing the game or even drop out. This trick might give you an edge over your opponent.
  2. Predict your opponent’s hand: To be able to predict your opponent’s hand, you need to have good observation skills. As soon as the cards are dealt, keep a track of your opponent’s moves in the game. You can also throw in a few bait cards to analyze the cards in their hand.
  3. Discard middle cards: If you discard a few middle cards, your opponent may believe that you are about to finish the game. To minimize their loss, they might drop the game. This is a useful strategy to fool your opponents into submission when you have some extra middle cards in hand.

Indian rummy is simple and easy to learn. If you know how to play rummy, you would know that the game requires skills to win. Tricking your opponents or baiting is an effective strategy that often gives you an advantage in the game. However, the effectiveness of your tricks depends on the smartness of your opponents. Play unlimited practice games on Junglee Rummy to master this rummy trick. Download our rummy app and start playing now!

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