How to Sign Up, Log In and Play Global Poker

Global Poker

Looking for a place to play social poker with the opportunity to win prizes? Then Global Poker is one of the top sites for you to check out.

With regular tournament series like the Grand Prix Turbo Series Montreal and the Bounty Series V, there is always something to play on Global Poker.

Here is a brief guide for how to sign up, log in and play at Global Poker, which uses a sweepstakes model and is always free to play.

How to Sign Up to Global Poker

Signing up for Global Poker is as simple as visiting the Global Poker website and providing a few basic pieces of information, including your date of birth and full legal name.

Sign Up to Global Poker in 5 Easy Steps

This section will walk you through every step you need to take to set up an account and begin playing on Global Poker.

1. Go to Global Poker: Visit the Global Poker website and head to the sign-up page.

Global Poker
Global Poker

2. Set Up An Account: Create an account either using Facebook, Google or email and by creating a password.

Global Poker
Global Poker

3. Confirm Details: Confirm your email and login to your Global Poker account.

Global Poker

4. Find Gold Coins: Once you are logged in, click on the “Get Coins” tab.

Global Poker

5. Get Gold Coins: Purchase Gold Coins and receive free Sweeps Coins for promotional play with certain offers.

Global Poker

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How to Play Global Poker

Now that you are familiar with how to set up a Global Poker account, let’s take a look at what it takes to actually get started playing poker on the social poker site.

Play at Global Poker in 5 Easy Steps

1. Login: Log into the account that you just created using Facebook, Google or email.

2. Select GC or SC: Toggle between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins mode depending on what you want to play.

3. Tournaments Available: Take a look at the tournament lobby to see what events are available to play.

4. Register: Click “register” and take your place at the table.

As a social poker site that is hugely popular throughout the US, Global Poker is one of the best free poker sites for players looking to win real prizes.

Let’s take a look at the free games that are available to play on Global Poker.

Is Global Poker Free to Play?

Yes, Global Poker is always free to play on. There are also opportunities for players to purchase Gold Coins to play free games.

There are promotions that allow players to be gifted free Sweeps Coins with Gold Coin purchases, which players can use to redeem for prizes.

Global Poker

Is Global Poker Legal to Play in the US?

Yes, Global Poker is legal and available to play in the US except for a few states, making it one of the premiere free poker options in the country. Additionally, Global Poker can be played in Canada.

Is Global Poker Legit?

As a completely legal and regulated site, Global Poker is as legit as they come. Global Poker is a great way for newer players to be introduced to the game and for players of all skill level to have an opportunity to win real prizes.

Can you Win Real Money Playing on Global Poker?

While it is always free to play on Global Poker, the social poker site also provides players with the opportunity to redeem winnings for prizes.

This is done through the promotional Sweeps Coin tournaments that run daily on the site. Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased but are given away for free with select Gold Coins purchases.

Global Poker Tournament FAQs

Can I play Global Poker in the UK?

No, Global Poker is currently only available to play in the majority of the US and in Canada.

Is Global Poker safe to play?

Yes, Global Poker is a completely regulated and legal site to play poker in the US and Canada.

Does Global Poker have an app?

Global Poker operates on a desktop browser but it also available for download on mobile devices.

Do I have to download Global Poker?

Since Global Poker operates on browser, you do not need to download anything to play on Global Poker. However, you can download the mobile app.

How do I play Global Poker?

Playing on Global Poker is as simple as visiting the website and creating an account using basic contact information.

Which US states can I play Global Poker in?

Global Poker is available to play in the majority of US states, with Washington being the exception.

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