How to stay safe at an online casino


The global coronavirus pandemic has moved much of daily life online. With international quarantining, national and local lockdowns, and non-essential businesses being closed for extended periods of time, people have turned online. Shopping, work, socialising and entertainment are now all online, and as people have spent more time at home, the player base of online games has increased dramatically. The gambling industry has seen an increase in people visiting online casinos, as people use gambling to relax, unwind, and make money.

However, the last thing anyone needs is their financial or personal information being compromised. Casinos have a responsibility to  protect their patrons and ensure complete protection of personal and financial details They also provide advice and guides on how to stay safe in an online casino. However, there are many things that patrons can do when gambling online to keep themselves safe.

  • Make sure the casino is licenced and regulated by the relevant authorities

Unlicensed casinos are likely to use underhand tactics to swindle players, both by tampering with the random number generators required for the games to run, but they may also compromise financial and personal details of their players.

  • Very the security of the page and ensure there are encrypted logins

Secure internet pages can be identified by the padlock logo at the beginning of the URL and will ensure that your personal and financial information is secure.

  • Payment methods

Make sure that you are using a trusted payment method, otherwise this could compromise the integrity of your financial accounts. Established brands like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are a good bet, as if there are any issues or discrepancies your money will be protected.

  • Maintain the integrity of your device

Making sure that the device you are using cannot be hacked, and that antivirus software is present will reduce the likelihood of being hacked. Make sure your password is unique to the account and try to include a combination of letters and numbers so that it cannot be easily cracked. Some online casinos offer additional verification, including tokens that generate a new code that needs to be inputted in addition to your login details. If playing on a mobile device that is fingerprint enabled this is also a useful tool to use.

  • Act like it is a physical space

You wouldn’t leave your winnings visible in a casino, so withdraw them online. You wouldn’t discuss your personal life with strangers in person, so don’t do so in a casino chatroom. If you were offered a five start, ten course meal for pennies, you would be suspicious; the same caution should be used when going online.

Online gambling is fun and exciting, and when using common sense and caution, can be a safe environment to while away the hours and have fun!

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