Is Online Gambling Legal in Ireland? 



Ireland is a country that many people associate with gambling, although the Irish slot theme has much to do with this perception the truth is that the nation loves to gamble. While horse racing was their first love, online and mobile slots gambling has been embraced by people in Ireland. 

Irish gambling

Ireland and Irish luck are things that have long been associated with gambling. The iconography of these things has taken on a life of it’s own. Gambling in Ireland is perfectly legal for its citizens. This means that as long as you are of the legal age, you can gamble in the country. This is not to say that irresponsible gambling is allowed, however, players still need to make sure that they are betting responsibly and not spending too much money. It is hard to say why gambling is so popular in Ireland, the theme of Irish luck has certainly helped the perception to grow over time. Gambling in Ireland is not too different from the rest of the Uk, players will still need a relevant ID to prove their age and will need to deposit money to access their favourite games. 

Other countries 

Irish gambling is not the same as every country around the world. Some are much stricter when it comes to online gambling whilst others are much more freeing. The following are some examples of how online gambling is treated around the world. 

  1. England – Being so close to Ireland, it makes sense that England would have similar attitudes toward online gambling. However, the country is becoming much more restricted. Online slots betting is becoming limited, with amounts being available to bet being lowered and the advertising of slots games severely restricted in an effort to stop them appealing to children.
  2. New Zealand – Despite being generally perceived as a more liberal country, online gambling is actually heavily restricted in the country. The reason for this is because of the Gamblig Act which was passed in 2003. This meant that players could not use any online provider which was based in their country. The result means that any online gamblers must use providers which are based in other nations. Although this is not a dealbreaker for most players, it is certainly an inconvenience for them. 


Regulation of Irish gambling is the same as the rest of the UK. For players it may not appear that strict, but for providers it is incredibly tough. 

●       The gambling act was passed by the UK government in 2007, this act resulted in the creation of the Gambling Commission, one of the most powerful entities in UK gambling.

●       The Gambling Commission essentially oversee all the gsgambling in the UK, making sure that providers follow the strict rules that have been set. They can do this through fines and revoking the licenses of providers who disobey the rules. 

Final Thoughts 

Online gambling is legal in Ireland, although there are restrictions placed. For example players need a valid proof of ID and need to be able to gamble responsibly in order to play.

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