NFL Season Starts! Sports Betting Expands!


This week’s gambling news is all about football in America, as sports betting expands and the opening week of the NFL season is finally upon us! We discuss the latest state to go live with regulated sports betting, and the five other states where sports betting is legal, but not live just yet. And while we’re talking sports betting news, check out this Casino City story on futures betting.

Friends! Players! Sports bettors! Lend me your ears! Because this week’s big story is September is here! And that means the kickoff of the football season! I’m so excited, I think i just peed a little bit! So, are you ready for some football betting? I hope so, because as sports betting expands there are more places than ever before in America to place legal sports bets! 36 states have regulated the activity, and right now there are 30 states actively accepting legal sports wagers! But wait, this just in: 31 states actively accepting legal sports wagers!

Yes sports betting is now live in Kansas, where the governor placed the first legal sports bet just a few days ago. $15 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this season! But, now that Kansas is out of the way, just who are these other states where sports betting is legal, but not yet live? Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Ohio have legal sports betting… but nobody can bet yet! However, folks in Ohio shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, as the state plans to have mobile sports betting up and running no later than this coming January.

After that, however, it’s really sort of a crap shoot. Massachusetts could be live in time for next year Super Bowl, but no one knows for sure. Maine says that they might be up and running by late 2023… early 2024? Then there’s Nebraska, where they have two speeds: Slow and Stop. They will definitely not be up and running this year, and probably not next year. either. And then there’s Florida… poor, poor Florida. Where things are so screwed up you’d need a GPS unit and both hands to try to find your ass. Things are so messed up down there I’m gonna have to take an entire show and devote it to what’s going on with Florida sports betting. Because, believe it or not, what happens down there could affect how sports betting expands and tribal gaming interests all across the country. So, stay tuned!

This week’s game review is for the Diamond Fortunator Hold and Win, a three reel, three row online slot from Playson! It comes with Wilds, Scatters, and in-game Jackpots! Plus, when the Hold and Win feature is activated the reels expand all the way to six rows!  You can find this game review, and hundreds more, when you visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And finally this week, I’m not one to give gambling advice, but my friends at Casino City sure are! Especially if you’re a sports bettor who likes futures betting! From receiving yards to passing touchdowns to division winners, the Casino City team has put together a really nice article about the upcoming NFL season! And I’ve linked to that article below this video in the descriptive area. But for now, my friends, it’s time to warm up those hot wings, pour a cold beer, and set your fantasy lineups! Because football is back!

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