Review of CSGORoll and its interesting features


Description: Review of CSGORoll: how do promotional codes work and review of major features of the website

CSGORoll: review of one of the most popular CS:GO gambling websites

CSGORoll is one of the oldest Counter-Strike gambling websites. It first opened in 2016 and was really popular. However, Valve trading changes did hit the website so it had to close for a short time. Nevertheless, CSGORoll came back with many bonuses for clients. Even now, giving you a promotional code CSGORoll greets you with 3 free cases, which may give you even an AWP| Dragon Lore. 

But whether CSGORoll worths playing or not? 

What game modes can provide CSGORoll?

Being a classical gambling website, CSGORoll provides 3 major game modes. Roll, Crash, and Dice are the main “mini-games” for people. 

Roll is a classical roulette. You can bet on black, red, zero, and special BaitBet. Black and red have either 2x multiplier, zero has 14x multiplier and BaitBet provides a 7x multiplier. This game mode is simple and available for all users. You can bet 0.01 coins, which can be collected from free cases, and it does not let other players affect your odds. 

Crash is simple as usual. You place a bet and take your gain whenever you want. The only issue is that you have to take the prize on time before the line crashes. If the line crashes you lose your bet. 

And Dice. You need to choose the range between 1 and 100. The lower the range, the higher the odds. The 50/50 line lets you win 0.9 of your bet, which can be extremely good to raise your balance. But this is still risky. 

Additional features for users

However, not only regular game modes are available. You can also open cases on a website. The prices vary from 0.19 coins to 15105 coins. Yes, the main currency on the website is a golden coin. 10 coins cost 7 dollars, so that, the cheapest case is 13 cents, while the most expensive is 10500 dollars. Even Katowice 2014 capsule might be cheaper. 

But case-opening is an additional feature. You may open them to try your luck while having an insane balance. But this game mode cannot be one of the major ones. 

You can also see the odds of getting something from the case. This is really fair, because even in a free case you may see that the chance of getting P250| Sand Dune is about 99.9%, while AWP| Dragon Lore is really unlikely to be unboxed. 

PVP Game modes on CSGORoll

However, you can join PVP game modes on the website. Fighting other players available in Dice, Coin Flip, and Case Battle game modes. The odds are always equal and there are no additional chances for the players with a higher balance. 

  • Coin Flip is a classical 50/50 battle with equal odds. The one who makes the correct bet takes everything. 
  • Dice game mode is even simpler. Two players throw dice. The range is from 1 to 100. The one who gets the higher result takes the bank. The odds are equal but there is more intrigue. 
  • Case Battle is the most boring game mode, which lets you open cases against another player. The one who gets better drops takes everything. The issue is that opening cases is always unprofitable. And if you play with 5 cases, for example, even winning of opponent’s drop will not make case-opening profitable. 

One more issue is that PVP is sort of unpopular on CSGORoll. While Coin Flip may have a couple of rooms with high bets, Dice Duels are almost impossible to find. No one want’s to play them. But, for surprise, Case Battle, being the most useless remains the most popular. 

How do CSGORoll promotional codes work?

CSGORoll works with many advertising websites and provides a huge amount of promotional codes. They may give different bonuses but the best one is 3 free cases. 

First of all, three cases allow you get 0.03 coins for the start. That is not that much, but you have an opportunity to start gambling freely. And you don’t have to decline the fact that you still have a possibility to get AWP| Dragon Lore from these cases. The odds are extremely low, but you still have a chance. 

However, you can activate only one code on a single account. So that, you have to be really careful with your starter bank and not lose everything in the very first match. 

The only issue with the code is the fact that you can activate only one code. You cannot even use codes that may provide different bonuses. That’s a pity for many users because finding a unique code might not help. 

Balance refill and the currency on a CSGORoll

CSGORoll has its own currency. There are no issues with that because gold coins make it really easy to navigate the website. 

For example, you open a case and get a TEC-9| Army Mesh for 0.03 coins. This skin does not move to your inventory. There is no inventory at all. You immediately sell it and get that 0.03 coins on your balance. 

However, if you want to refill your balance, you have to know, that 1 coin costs 0.7 dollars. The minimum amount of refill is 5 coins or 3.5 dollars. This is a nice limit, because many people may give 3.5 dollars for 5 coins, including the opportunity to bet 0.01 coins in every game. 

Level progression for users

One of the best options on the CSGORoll is the level progression. Usually, gambling websites provide a level system for spending money or for donations. That makes no sense for people because only spending and winning make this level look like a common visual feature. 

CSGORoll made a smart level progression which allows gaining experience for just playing. No matter you win or lose, you will get your experience for taking part in a game. And this level is not only a custom. You gain cases, which contain precious drops. Of course, getting something cheap has higher odds, but that may be still a free bonus for your balance. 

Does CSGORoll worth playing?

CSGORoll is a nice and trustworthy website, which is really comfortable for many users. You can play 3 major gambling game modes which allow you to win. You can even open cases seeing all the odds there. 

Gambling is always a risk, but CSGORoll makes it easy, comfortable, fair, and equal for all the users, so it definitely worths playing. 

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