The Hottest Super Bowl 55 Props to Bet On


Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Yelling

This is going to be an epic game, for several reasons.

Two of the league’s most brilliant quarterbacks, Brady and Mahomes will be facing off in the Buccaneer’s home stadium.

Fans and sports bettors are calculating whether this home field advantage will give the Bucs enough confidence to prove a real threat to the Chiefs, and perhaps even steal the show (as Brady has been known to do).

Former pariah Antonio Brown has shaped up and is looking forward to showing his stuff on the turf come Sunday. This wide receiver is looking intensely fit and focused, which leads us to believe the Brown and Brady Show could create fireworks on Sunday.

Add to that the game’s first-ever female ref and the possibility of thunderstorms over Tampa Bay on Sunday, and there is a strong feeling that all viewers will be on the edge of their seats.

I’ve written another article on the motivational power of proving Bill Belichick wrong that will likely give Tom Brady’s feet the wings of Mercury, and his throwing arm the power of Thor tossing thunderbolts…and that’s just the icing on the cake!

The only conceivable way to increase the excitement (or tension—it’s your call) of the game is to put some money down on these trending Super Bowl 55 prop bets that are front and center at online sportsbooks right now.

The Race to 15 Points

I am starting with this particular Super Bowl prop bet because it is one of my favorites, and it gets you excited about the game right from the get-go.

It’s self-explanatory. You must wager on whichever team you believe will acquire 15 points first.

My favorite online sportsbook believes that the Chiefs have a significantly greater chance of achieving 15 points before the Bucs have a chance to do so.

Keep in mind that these odds can change from day to day. For instance, if there is any Super Bowl team news between now and Sunday that will affect one team’s chances over the other, then these odds can—and probably will—be altered.

The Chiefs Scoring 30 points

This is called an over/under, and you can bet on Kansas City making more than 30, or less than 30. Both of the odds are currently the same, which means the statisticians believe both options have an equal chance of occurring.

What do you think?

If it were the Chiefs versus your average, everyday Buccaneers, you’d likely have an easy time making your choice and placing your bet.

But this is not your father’s Buccaneers. This is… Buh—buh—buh—Brady and the Bucs!

Puts a different spin on things, certainly.

Total Touchdowns by Both Teams

Do you think this is going to be an offensive game, with much backing-and-forthing of points scored? Or will both defenses dig in their heels and prevent the points from getting out of hand?

The odds are that there will be more than 6.5 total TDs in the game.

If you believe there will be fewer, and you correctly wager on this, you can get more money in your pocket. Just know that you’ll be going against the statisticians’ assessment of the chances.

Mahomes’ First Passing Attempt

Will it be complete? Incomplete? Intercepted?

You can make this bet based on how much faith you have in the Chiefs’ quarterback, or you can think about the strength and determination of the Buccaneers’ defensive line.

If you think one is stronger than the other, then you have your bet.

My favorite online sportsbook believes that a completion is the likeliest outcome, with an interception being so highly unlikely that they are now offering 18 to 1 on that wager!

In this instance, I am very tempted to wager on an “interception,” for two reasons. First, the Bucs’ defensive line will be fresh, because Mahomes’ first pass will likely be in the very beginning minutes of the game.

Furthermore, the Bucs are playing on their home turf, and they will be highly motivated to show the city of Tampa Bay just how good they can be.

As an extra, bonus reason—and the one that would be most highly motivating to me—is that everyone expects them to lose. I don’t know about you, but this would make me try harder, jump higher, and tackle more roughly than ever before.

Do you agree?

Distance of Mahomes’ First TD Pass

Yes, the spotlight is on Patrick Mahomes. This beloved, young QB has already won a Super Bowl. He knows it can be done, and he proposes to do it again.

The oddsmakers agree that he will likely help the Chiefs take home the title.

So, let’s focus on his first successful pass toward the end zone. If you believe it will be less than 12 ½ yards, you are in the majority. The odds are on this being the case.

If you believe this QB’s first TD pass will be greater than 12 ½ yards, then you stand to benefit from some solid plus-money odds.

Brady Throwing a TD Before an Interception

Brady has a mean arm, as has been proven several years in a row.

But the Chiefs have a solid defensive line whose sole goal on Sunday is to send Tom Brady home feeling depressed.

However, although Antonio Brown took this week off to pamper a small injury, we do expect him to be on the gridiron come Sunday.

So, now you have to ask yourself if the Kansas City defensive line can keep Tom Brady (who needs to win to spite Belichick) and his wide receiver Antonio Brown (who needs to show the world he’s worth hiring) in check.

I have to admit that given Antonio Brown’s changed outlook and willingness to give his all for this new team of his, I think he’s going to shine on Sunday. Shine very brightly, indeed.

Which brings us to…

Super Bowl MVP in 2021

This is one of the most popular of all Super Bowl prop bets. Last year, when the Chiefs took the title, Mahomes was made MVP, and for good reason. He doesn’t make half a billion dollars for nothing, you know.

In last year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs were down by 10 points, with just a few minutes on the clock. Mahomes kicked into high gear and the team scored 21 points in that remaining time to take the title home to Kansas City for the first time in half a century.

Yes, Mahomes is certainly MVP material, and perhaps the biggest threat Tom Brady could face on Sunday.

The Brady Bunch

The only fly in the MVP ointment, from Mahomes’ point of view, is the fact that Brady has been named MVP more times than Trump used the phrase “fake news.”

With several Super Bowl MVP titles already to his name, Brady is nearly a shoo-in for the award whenever he takes to the field for the Big Game.

If, miracle of miracles, the Bucs manage to take the win on Sunday, then Brady will absolutely be deserving of yet another MVP notch on his belt.

However, if Antonio Brown wows the crowd, as I suspect he can and will, then who knows? This could be an MVP award that would be a crowning moment for Brown, who was considered unemployable just a year ago.

The Weeknd’s First Song at Super Bowl 55

Yes, this is a Super Bowl prop bet that has nothing to do with the game. Instead, this is solely based on the halftime show put on by Canadian artist The Weeknd.

One sportsbook thinks he’ll start with a cover, as opposed to beginning his set with an original song.

If you are a fan of The Weeknd—and even if you aren’t—this kind of prop bet based on the halftime show keeps you from losing interest during the break in play.

Super Bowl 2021 Going into OT

I am adding this to my list of the best Super Bowl prop bets because it keeps you glued to the television until the final seconds of the game.

The question is, will the game go into overtime, or not? The odds, surprisingly (to me) are on the game not going into overtime.


Here is why this is a surprising calculation by the sportsbooks. If the spread were 15 points, then it would be clear that the sportsbook mathematicians believe the game is going to be a blowout. And if it’s a massive win by the favorite, then naturally the game will not need to go into overtime.

Yet, the current spread is a mere 3 ½ points! This means that, although the Chiefs are favored to win, the imbalance between the teams is quite small.

And if the teams are, therefore, nearly balanced, then the possibility of the game going into OT is large.

If you agree, and wager on it, you stand to make solid returns should the game need to go into overtime.

Wrapping Things Up

These prop bets I’ve listed here are a mere fraction of the more than 225 available to you, and that’s just at one online sportsbook! There are prop bets on everything, from the coin toss to the first team to score to the color of Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach.

Prop bets are a world unto themselves, and they make the old “bet on a team to win” method seem utterly tame in comparison.

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