This Week in Gambling Vegas Filming Schedule


Here at This Week in Gambling we always love meeting new people! And since we’re heading to Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo, we thought we’d give you a heads up on where we will (approximately) be if you want to crash our set, just say hello, or perhaps pick up the bar tab. We’re good with all three, actually.

Although we may be tired from the long flight, we plan to film on the Las Vegas Strip in the early evening of Sunday, October 9th, near Bally’s… unless it’s already put up the Horseshoe signs. In which case, we’ll be somewhere near the Horseshoe! Monday October 10th we will be at the G2E event, interviewing speakers and taking meetings. It will be an early day, however, and plan to be back out on the Strip in the same location for some day filming around 3 pm. We should wrap up early, however, as J.Todd is old not and tires easily.

Tuesday the 11th the Expo Hall opens, so good luck tracking us down! This Week in Gambling will be filming on the floor of the Expo with any one of the major slot machine manufacturers. We’ll be pretty busy and probably a little pissy, so if you can’t find us it’s okay. We’ll be attending a social event that evening and giving the Strip a rest. Wednesday is the 12th, and we’re back on the floor of the Expo for round two, and we may (or may not) film on the Strip that evening.

Thursday is the last day to grab some footage of all the exciting new games at G2E, so that’s what we’ll be doing for most of the day. We do plan to be back out on the Strip in the late afternoon to early evening, but we will wrap up by 6 pm or so, as we have early flights on Friday and need to get home to feed the cat. She misses us when we’re away. So try to find us! We dare you! Heck, you can even make it into a game… like Where’s Waldo… but in Las Vegas!

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