Top 5 Games on Non-UK Casinos Online


It is always interesting to know what are some of the games being played on other casino sites around the world. We thought we would take a look and find out what are the biggest casino games that are not on UK platforms

Roulette Live

Remember roulette? The casino game that was in every movie and showed casino players having the most fun they have ever had in their lives. Well, not only has this game become extremely popular online it has also a live version that gamblers are flocking to.

Roulette Live is the online virtual version of traditional roulette. It features a host that you can talk to and they of course talk back. You can bet on numbers or colors to win and they are available in European, American, and French rules.

Online Poker

Online poker is extremely popular today. It is increasingly popular on non-UK casinos too. Many online casinos will offer a range of different poker games.

Online poker houses are offering Texas Hold Em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, and many lesser-known versions of the popular game. It also comes in a live version where you can play and interact with other players. Online poker has cemented itself as one of the biggest online games in the world.


Blackjack is another card game that is very popular with online casinos. We are seeing a huge jump in blackjack on non-UK casinos as well.

Today, Blackjack comes in a basic online version and also a live version. The live version has a dealer with whom you can interact for a more personal experience. It just makes the popular game that much more fun and interesting but with the comfort of playing from your computer.

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Slots could easily become one of the biggest casino games. The trend is increasing on a monthly basis with slots online. It already has millions of players around the world at any given moment. What was a once-popular American game has now become a very common game in other countries around the world.

The online version of slots has a wide range of platforms and versions to choose from. It is the variety of slots that has kept it so relevant today. Slots also have a great base in Europe and emerging markets.

Deal or No Deal

Remember that popular TV game show that had players choose boxes with hidden amounts of money? Well, today it is a popular casino game that is played online by millions of people around the world.

Deal or No Deal could require some strategy as players can decide whether odds are in their favor when they deal with the big man on the telephone. In some ways, it could require no strategy as it is often just a fun game of chance. These two aspects of Deal or No Deal are probably what makes it such a popular game in the online casino space.

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