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Types of Rummy Tournaments Available on Junglee Rummy


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Types of Tournaments on Junglee Rummy

Play Rummy, Win Cash on Junglee Rummy!

We all know that Shahrukh is the “Badshah of Bollywood.” Similarly, Junglee Rummy can be rightfully touted as the “Badshah of the online rummy industry.” We launched this platform with a vision to provide the best rummy experience to each and every user. And we have seen our vision turn into a reality within a span of 10 years! Today we stand tall with over 40 million registered users (and counting!) who play rummy on our platform on a regular basis.

So what brings such a large number of rummy fans to our platform? There are multiple factors that make players prefer Junglee Rummy over other portals. But the one main thing that entices users is our rummy tournaments. Junglee Rummy is well-known for hosting the biggest rummy online tournaments ever. From Rummy Premier League to the Diwali Tournament Series, we have exciting cash games lined up for you almost every day, week, and month! 

Before we dive into the types of tournaments available on the platform, let us understand this game format more closely.

What is a rummy tournament?

Tournament is an exciting format of rummy games where players engage in an exhilarating battle for the attractive cash prizes and other rewards such as cars, motorbikes, laptops, and smartphones. There are a series of qualifier games where players play rummy and this goes on until one player remains in the game. The last person standing is declared the winner and they get to take home the winning amount.

On Junglee Rummy, tournaments are scheduled to take place on a certain date and have a predetermined prize pool. This prize further gets distributed to winning players in every qualifying round. Tournaments are a highly competitive format compared to free and cash games on Junglee Rummy. Here players have to register in advance to book their seats due to the limited availability of slots.

What types of rummy tournaments are available on Junglee Rummy?

Junglee Rummy hosts two types of tournaments: free tournaments and cash tournaments.

  1. Free tournament

Free tournaments on Junglee Rummy can be played at zero cost. These games offer an incredible opportunity for players to play for cash rewards starting from ₹1000, without investing any money. So if you are a beginner in online rummy games, you can join free tournaments and try your hand at the game. 

Jumbo Jackpot and Afternoon Delight are popular free tournaments on Junglee Rummy. Here you can win cash prizes worth ₹75,000! You can visit your game dashboard to register yourself for an upcoming free tournament today.

  1. Cash tournament

Cash tournament is the most sought-after format on Junglee Rummy. As the name suggests, players have to pay an entry fee to participate in a cash tournament. This format is very competitive as stakes are involved and many expert players across the country also participate in these games. This makes the game even more exciting and brings an adrenaline rush into the minds of the players. 

Since stakes are involved in cash rummy tournaments, we encourage our players to brush up on their skills before investing their time and money in these games. You can check out our promotions page to participate in an upcoming tournament.

If you want to play rummy, you shouldn’t go anywhere else! Junglee Rummy combines the nostalgia of real-world rummy with new-age technology, thus offering the best of both worlds. We have an amazing variety of tournaments lined up just for you. Download our rummy app now and claim a 100% welcome bonus worth ₹8850 on making your first deposit today! Happy gaming!



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