Vaccinations for Vegas Casino Workers Within Weeks


 March 5, 2021

Vegas casino workers

We’re all waiting for things to get back to normal. And for Sin City, one of the first steps is to get Vegas casino workers vaccinated against COVID-19. Now there’s work from the Nevada COVID-19 Task Force that workers in Las Vegas may be receiving that vaccination as soon as two weeks.

This crucial first step is of paramount importance to the economy of the state and city. MGM President of Entertainment and Sports George Kliavkoff recently stated that people are starting to see a “…palpable change in the enthusiasm in Las Vegas… tied for us to a reduction in the COVID cases and the increase in vaccine distribution.”

At this time, nearly 470,000 people have received the vaccination. This according to the Southern Nevada Health District. The state’s shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines has also arrived.

You can read more about the plans to vaccinate Vegas casino workers and get the city up and running again when you visit Yogo Net.

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