Warning Signs That You Are On The Wrong Online Casino Site


Who would not feel excited about an online casino? This is a perfect platform to play your favorite casino game without the need of exerting too much effort. All you have to find is an internet-able device and an internet connection, and voila, you can access your favorite casino game right at your fingertip. 

But that excitement should not hinder you from deciding rightfully on which site to trust. There are a lot of casino sites around but unfortunately, not all of them are created to give people what they are really looking for. 

Just to help you get started, below are some of the warning signs you have to watch out for when looking for a casino site to play on:

  • The site is sending you a lot of spam emails

If the casino site is sending you emails not related to casinos or related to casinos but are just too many, it can be a bit dubious already. Casino sites should be decent enough to give their players a break and send emails only when necessary and important, in line with GDPR regulations.

  • You receive a lot of marketing calls and emails after you register to the online casino site

If after registering your information to the casino site, you started to receive a lot of marketing calls and emails, that can be a bit questionable, and perhaps you should stick to the recommended casinos on comparison sites such as Slotslike.co.uk.

Unfortunately, some online casino websites are created to just collect personal information from people and sell it to marketers, and to provide its real purpose. 

  • They have unclear terms and conditions

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions posted by the casino website. If there are a lot of unclear details on it, you may want to step back and investigate further. You have to check specifically on the terms and conditions they have on the withdrawal of your money or winnings. 

If they have a lot of disclaimers and conditions, you may not want to pursue your membership with them as for sure, they will give you a hard time from getting your own money or worse not allowing you to withdraw it at all. 

  • They do not have a customer service number

Make sure that the casino website you are choosing has a customer service number, hotline, email or chat services. Someone should be able to help you in case you need assistance from withdrawing and depositing your money or if you have any inquiries about the game you are planning to play on. 

  • Information about the owner is not declared on their website

This is an obvious warning sign. If the information of the site owner is not declared on the website, you may want to close their window immediately and go to the next casino website in your list. Not declaring this information only means they are not confident about the kind of service they provide. 

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