What Is White Label Sportbook


The white label sportsbook is a great decision for achieving your goals in the sports betting business. This is one of the simplest, swiftest and most economically effective ways of starting a sports betting web-site. This is due to the fact that the supplier of the platform for white label sportsbook provides you all the services and products, including a licence and functions that are crucial for managing the site of bets legitimately, safely and effectively. 

The meaning of term ‘white label’ and the principles of working

White label is a willing framework, which involves all necessary tools in one scope. It could be a great opportunity to get into the profitable industry of bookmaker shops on the Internet that has hundreds of millions of possible users all around the world and has a universal cash flaw of more than $400 millions. 

Creating a betting company from scratch requires not only large expenses and use of your time, but knowledge and efforts. In addition to getting a licence, software of Altenar for payment processing and for bookmaker shops, it’s necessary to take into consideration other technical nuances: from coding and web-design to supplying the safe risk-free environment, including clients, assistance, data analysis, CRM and other marketing tools. 

The software providers https://altenar.com/ for betting companies with white label (who consider TCS) propose the fully equipped package: software for bets of bookmakers, which is necessary for starting your own brand and preparing it for a market as soon as possible.

If you have ever made bets online, you should know that the term ‘White Label’ is often used. This refers to a company that creates a product, usually a betting company or a casino, and then sells it to another company that puts its own brand first and advertises as its own website. 

Usually, brand owners with white label have a large experience in the online betting world in general, often with some references to another type of gambling. 

White label has a resemblance to a franchise for betting: an owner of a brand pays for a service and attracts users, meanwhile the operator provides a product and manages a client. You can choose which part of the process you wish to pass to another provider of a platform. Probably, all you really need is to post the branding on a website and white label will take care of other stuff. 

Also, you may already have an idea of what you are doing and you just need a little help on certain aspects. Anyway, white label is a site operated by someone, not the brand owner, and it means that the operator has the gambling licence, which makes him responsible for the client, his safety and his funds. The brand owner is mainly responsible for advertising, customer engagement and incentives. 

What does the white label have to include?

Products, services and tools that are proposed from providers of betting software Altenar with white labels could be supplied in-house or from other companions, or both. That’s the overall picture? which is usually involved in the betting white label framework: you can get full access to different kinds of sport, bets, markets, games and matches, chances, – all that are expected by today’s players and that you should have for keeping pace with your competitors. What does it include:

  • Targeted a lot of sports (from 50 to 100) — types of sport from all the world (for example, football, tennis, golf, darts, basketball, rugby, baseball, hockey, horse ride etc) online and cybersport
  • Targeted hundreds of markets (500 — 1000)
  • A lot of events monthly (30.000 — 75.000)
  • Popular matches and games
  • PMU bets
  • Extended tools for bets
  • Different types of money withdrawal (partial, complete, automatic)
  • Increased chances
  • Betting channels and market services
  • Various forms of coefficients (for example, european, american, asian etc)

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