What Kinds of Slot Gameplay are Best?


The world of online slots is expansive, with some online casino sites offering upwards of a thousand slot games. The sheer volume of options makes choosing a slot theme an important, but a tricky, decision. Traditional gameplay has been improved through technology, which allows any number of thematic overlays, sound effects, and visuals to be incorporated to create a themed game. But what are the best kinds of themes for online slot games?

Classic Themed Slots

Some of the most popular slots are those themed around something universal. Ancient Egypt, with the prosperity of its civilization, and Ancient Greece, with the bounty of the gods, are both regularly called upon for inspiration for slot content. Other universal themes include holiday-specific games based on Christmas and Halloween or those based around character tropes such as cops and robbers or adventurer types. Classic-themed slots can also emulate the original slot machines by digitizing them, allowing players who prefer the original slots to stay current. The gameplay allows the slot developer to build a game around almost anything and to take artistic license while doing so.

Branded Slots

Another tactic that slot developers use to create new games is to incorporate recognizable brands within the slots. Using a popular franchise such as Jurassic World or widely popular characters like Batman can be effective in drawing customers to certain sites. They can also help people try slot gameplay, by allowing new players to interact with a franchise they care about.  

Branded slots don’t just encompass franchises, but people too. A spate of slot games based around rock and roll stars, for example, helps fans of these artists know what to expect when they play the game. Some include riffs of music and others include iconography. Many are endorsed by the artists themselves, while others simply take the likeness and the attitude of the artist and wrap them up in slot gameplay.

For example, the deadmau5 game is included in the list of most popular games at Royal Panda and incorporates the style and vibe of the DJ to create a slot game that tells his fans exactly what they should expect. Those who are new to online slots may feel more comfortable starting out by playing a title themed around a figure they recognize and respect. This also helps the industry itself appeal to a broader audience of people.   

Puzzle Slots

There is a spate of newer slot games that add something extra to the gameplay, such as puzzle slots. Puzzle games are popular in general, with nearly 60% of mobile gamers playing them. For example, there is a popular Monopoly slot game that intends to attract fans of the board game. The player is assigned tasks, which can be completed through achieving certain combinations when spinning the reels. This puzzle element helps give something extra for players to get involved with and can amp up the tension as the game progresses.

The way the slot mimics the gameplay of the board game defines how puzzle slots take the concept of slots and add a puzzle mechanic. This could be through turn-taking puzzle games or by unlocking elements of the puzzle per every successful line. This represents the future of online slots, which may look to diversify their gameplay to appeal to an increasingly competitive market.

Choosing themes for slots is a key aspect of any online casino site wanting to attract players. The right theme will result in greater engagement, while themes that don’t appeal to large audiences may be overlooked. The popular, themed games gain a positive reputation, so being able to host them is a coup for online slot sites. Ultimately, the content of the slot is integral to a player’s enjoyment of a site, so it is very important for user experience.  

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