Your Odds of Winning in Las Vegas Plummet!


The state of Nevada have been on a huge revenue run for over two years, but people are still winning in Las Vegas. However, some have wondered if this incredible streak of billion-dollar revenue months could be tied to casinos changing odds. Now, we have the numbers you need to know before you head to Sin City!

The state of Nevada have been on a record revenue run for over two years now. In fact April was the 26th consecutive month that the state brought in over one billion dollars in gambling revenue, which has some people wondering if there’s some funky shit going on here. If you think there’s a connection between these record revenue numbers and your odds of winning in Las Vegas, you’re not alone… and you’re not wrong, either. A couple of weeks ago I came out here on this program and told you all why your next trip to Las Vegas was probably going to cost more. And this week I’m here to tell you why you’re probably not going to win as much while you’re there!

People have been wondering if this run of billion dollar months has anything to do with the casinos changing the odds of the games. I must admit that I wondered that myself… very quietly. But now the facts are starting to come in. First Triple Zero Roulette Wheels are surging in popularity. Back in 2016, there were almost none of these games in Sin City. But today, there are well over 100 of them all up and down The Strip and on Fremont Street, as well as other locations. And Triple Zero Roulette increases the house edge from about 5% to nearly 8%!

Traditional Blackjack games are also disappearing. The game used to pay 3:2 odds… but now nearly 70% of all blackjack in Vegas pays 6:5 odds, which every blackjack player knows puts the player at a distinct disadvantage, raises the house edge by nearly 400%, and greatly reduces your odds of winning in Las Vegas! And when it comes to slots, Nevada law says casinos must pay out at least 75%. And even though most casinos around Vegas pay well above that, the rates do fluctuate. Plus, casinos can adjust those odds whenever they like… and they do!

In reality, the slots on The Strip and down on Fremont have some of the worst odds in the state! So, if you want better payouts on your slot play, you may have to get off The Strip. In fact, you probably need to get out of downtown. You may have to drive a while… like, to Laughlin. Or Reno, which I hear is lovely. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t winning in Las Vegas! They do… all the time! In fact, over just the past couple of weeks there’s been some nice jackpots hit.

One of those jackpots came at the LINQ when a three-card poker player hit the Mega Jackpot for nearly $240,000! Then at Planet Hollywood, another player won a progressive jackpot for over $350,000 on the Crazy 4 Poker table game! Finally at Caesar’s Palace, a guest playing video poker hit a $100,000 jackpot!

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