5 Obvious Benefits of Bitcoin Online Gambling


Online gamblers, especially in such countries like Canada, Australia, etc., where land based gambling and online gambling are legally allowed, pay more and more attention to cryptocurrencies for their gambling habits. You may find out more about more advantages for Bitcoin casino Canada at CasinosHunter website. 

As a result, players start wondering what are the real perks of using BTC for cash bets in games, whether BTC parlours are safe, and whether playing with Bitcoin is more fun than headache. For less technologically advanced online casino users, buying or exchanging crypto, registering an extra ewallet, etc., may seem more of a headache, but in fact, gambling in BTC has several obvious benefits that cannot be ignored. 

Secure Transactions & Secure Banking 

One of the first and main advantages of using Bitcoin (or almost any other digital coins) for online casino gambling is safety and security of money and data. Firstly, due to the blockchain technology, all transactions are completely transparent, meaning the users can track their money all the way. 

Next, due to the nature of the blockchain, transactions cannot be reversed, for example, by a fraudulent parlour site that confirms withdrawal but then requests refund, and the player cannot do anything about it. To get any sent money back, a completely new transaction must be initiated, and this makes all parties extra cautious with what they send. Thirdly, transactions are anonymous; while the blocks of transactions can be tracked, the personal data behind payers and payees is locked. 

And eventually, since Bitcoin is not controlled by any particular bank or jurisdiction (but this is not true about all cryptocurrencies, just a thing to keep in mind; some are controlled by particular companies), the transactions cannot be blocked, suspended, or otherwise changed like bank wire transactions can. For example, in Canada, despite the fact that online gambling is not prohibited, some local banks do not allow payments to and from parlour sites. 

Another aspect of security with Bitcoin is that the users can store their coins not only online, but in the so-called cold storages – physical storages that can be connected to the PC, loaded with funds, and then disconnected and kept offline, to prevent hacking. This is how crypto parlour sites keep the funds, too. 


Using Bitcoins for online gambling offers lots of flexibility, in contrast to using fiat currencies. There are many different e-wallets that allow using BTC, and the user is not obliged to use a certain service only. The nature of the coin allows using very small quantities of it, or huge sums, and there are extremely flexible limits for transactions within the BTC blockchain. Online parlours, as a rule, also allow more flexible limits for minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals in BTC. 


Speed of payments is one of the BTC features that all crypto casino gamblers truly love. Compared to payouts in fiat currencies, where even using an e-wallet can lead to one or two days waiting time, payouts in BTC are from instant to several hours maximum. The best thing is that online parlours cannot make the payouts in BTC slower, in order to make customers request withdrawals less frequently, because the technology behind Bitcoins does not allow that. 


Gambling in Bitcoin has always been profitable, mostly due to low transaction fees, lack of additional fees to banks and other third parties, and the fact that its value constantly increased. However, considering the value fluctuations of Bitcoin in recent years, currently BTC gambling online can bring a life-changing fortune to a lucky winner. 

Exclusive Casino Perks 

And eventually, a benefit not produced directly by the Bitcoin or the blockchain technology, but caused by the fact that online parlours  love BTC as much as players do: exclusive perks for customers depositing in BTC. Casinos benefit from getting payments in Bitcoin, too, so they are interested in stimulating their customers to play using digital currencies. 

The most typical exclusive perks for BTC-depositing folks include generous match bonuses and tons of Free Spins. Next come exclusive casino games made by specific software providers, and available only for bets in cryptocurrencies. Thirdly, players making deposits in Bitcoins often find high-roller options for bonuses, bets, and cashbacks. And eventually, VIP/Loyalty Programs have special offers for crypto players. 

All these benefits definitely make Bitcoin a good choice for real money online gambling. If you would like to learn more about the best BTC online parlours, take advantage of CasinosHunter lists and reviews. 

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