5 Reasons To Play Cash Games in the WSOP King’s Lounge

King's Lounge

If you’re at the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and are looking for cash game action inside Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, look no further than the King’s Lounge. The stuff of legends, the King’s Lounge is the place to win big pots and make a name for yourself in the cash game community.

While tournaments are, of course, the main draw of the WSOP, here are five reasons players should check out the King’s Lounge this summer.

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A Break From Tournaments

Now matter how good a tournament player you are, tournaments are a grind and it is likely you will go on an extended downswing at some point. This can be detrimental to your mindset, and cash games are a great way to take your mind off of things.

Taking a break from tournaments and playing cash games can help you refresh and have some fun. Put No-Limit Hold’em to the side temporarily and play Pot-Limit Omaha or mixed games.

Some other games running in the King’s Lounge include Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better and Stud Mix at various stakes climbing up to betting limits of $75/$150.

Sitting In Luxury

Kings Lounge Resort

As great as the WSOP is, there is nothing luxurious about sitting in a crowded event center with thousands of other players. A good break from this can be had in the King’s Lounge, which is tucked in the back of the Paris Ballroom and hidden by the banners of players like Phil Hellmuth, Fedor Holz and Aliaksandr Shylko.

The tables in the King’s Lounge are equipped with luxury chairs and there are also plenty of fancy break areas to relax in. If you need a breather from the at-times overwhelming WSOP, step into the King’s Lounge.

Play With Cash Game Legends

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing with a poker legend or your favorite poker pro, the King’s Lounge may be your best bet to do so.

Many of poker’s biggest names have played inside the fabled King’s Lounge, including Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu.

Whether you end up a winner or loser in the King’s Lounge, the chance to play or converse with some of poker’s name could make it worth your while.

Table Service

If you’re playing a cash game inside the King’s Lounge, you’ll be happy to hear that players are welcome to full table service, allowing you to order drinks or get a massage at the table.

Cash games are typically a much more relaxed environment than tournaments, giving players a chance to have fun and be relaxed at the table. If you’ve had a stressful WSOP so far, taking some time to relax in the King’s Lounge may be exactly what you need.

Win Massive Pots

Kings Lounge Resort

Of course, the reason anyone plays at the WSOP is to win some money. The King’s Lounge is one of the best places to do that as high-stakes PLO pots can get up to massive sizes.

If you have the bankroll or can handle the swings, playing high-stakes PLO cash games or other poker variants could be a good way to win (or lose) a pot that you’ll be thinking about the whole summer.

Check out this article to learn more about the King’s Lounge and the cash games available at the 2023 WSOP.

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