Five of the Best Video Game Slots of All Time


Online gaming is dominated by two industries, consoles, and casinos. When the two combine, which is quite frequent, great things tend to happen. We are exploring this world of video games turned into slots, as we present a top 5 list of games that define video gaming slots.

Many entertainment markets have dipped into the pool of casino gameplay, from Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park to music and bands like Kiss and Guns ‘n’ Roses who have become immortalized as a slot machine. Now it’s the turn for video games to seek out new audiences that are able to win real money whilst playing these games. Helping us to form the top 5 list we sought guidance from Carita Gustafsson, Editor-in-Chief of

Sweden is a huge gaming nation and Swedish players favor slot gaming over all other casino games. Carita Gustafsson: “Inside of our Swedish casinos online, slot machines are the most popular game being played. Our job is to guide players to the best sites where they can obtain the greatest selection of slot games. We also supply players from Sweden with free online games in their demo mode that can be played for fun. The gaming numbers from our site as to which slots are more popular will be just part of the data we use to form our list of top 5 video game slots. The rest will come from the casino and our own tests and trials.”

The top 5 video slot games

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Slots and video games make for fantastic entertainment, and you don’t need to be a knowing fan of the original gaming format to appreciate these casino games that are taking them to new dynamic levels. Video gaming is often something that takes up a lot of time with very little in reward, other than a sense of achievement. Placed into a world of gaming that is all about the reward and suddenly, there is huge interest and appeal. The games forming our list are as diverse as they come and really capture the scope of video gaming as a spectrum of entertainment, from the retro to the horror, these are the best online slots that have integrated so well with the video gaming theme, it is hard to tell them apart. Your top 5 best online video gaming slots are…

5: Space Invaders

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The original video game is an arcade classic that was first released back in 1978. Now in an entirely new form as a slot machine by Ash Gaming, it can be experienced once again by an entirely new generation. The slot holds many of the original features, sticking with the classic design elements of the game. Besides the arcade design, there are integrated slot features that add to the winning factors of the game. Most noticeably the cannon feature that allows you to take shots at the enemy to help you win more cash prizes. It’s a game that perfectly captures the original features and gives it a modern look in slot form. It doesn’t take away from the original arcade game and doesn’t go over the top to ruin it. Ideal, fun to play, and a must for those wanting to enjoy some nostalgia while making money playing.

  • Gaming Features: 40 ways to win, Shoot-em-up feature, and re-spin bonus.
  • Jackpot: $30,000.
  • RTP: 96.01%

4: Hitman

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If you were wanting to make a killing inside an online casino, then Hitman is the ideal game for it. Released in 2015 to actually coincide with the film’s sequel feature, this takes players back to the original gaming release. Produced by Microgaming, one of the elites in the industry, Hitman presents a very niche game and one that is a first in slot history that went with a ‘hitman’ theme. Using the same animation and sound like the original game, it perfectly captures what the Hitman game was all about. Integrated into the slot elements of the game to help players win real money online were several features including special bonus rounds and, in its base-game, there were innovative elements like the expanding symbols that filled full gaming reels.

  • Gaming Features: 15 ways to win, Free Spin Bonus Round, ICA Mission Feature, and Expanding Wild Symbols.
  • Jackpot: $20,000.
  • RTP: 95.84%

3: Resident Evil

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Resident Evil is one of the most famous and popular games in gaming history. Developed by absolute grandmasters Capcom, Resident Evil was a huge franchise that produced a large gaming and movie series. Fear not, this slot going in the direction of the games and not the awful movies. The slot was developed by Skywind, who, at the time, was fairly unknown. After the release, they were put on the gaming map because of its success and true-to-form approach given the game used some original gaming video and animation to present the game and characters. Fans of the original game will love how this slot has been constructed. Aside from the perfect animation, there are several slot features that include special bonus rounds based on each character.

  • Gaming Features: Free Spins Bonus Feature, 25 Ways to Win, Code Cracking Bonus.
  • Jackpot prize amount: $1,500,000.
  • RTP: 95.09%.

2: Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

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Temples and Tombs is not the first Lara Croft game released by Microgaming, it is, in fact, the third instalment of a three-game mini-series. Celebrating a 10-year anniversary, in 2010 Microgaming released the slot for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and was the first of its kind to cross over and merge the console and slot genre of games. The success led to a follow up called Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secrets of the Sword. To mark 10 years, Temples and Tombs was released and it makes the top 5 list because it comes with more expansive gaming features. This is a total must for any Tomb Raider fans to experience. Giving Lara a whole new mission and this time the treasures really do pay out. The merging of these two gaming worlds is perfectly done, across all three games, and you can see the growth in the development from playing with the first and through into this game. Give them all a try and see if you can raid the casino’s cash vaults.

  • Gaming Features: 15x Multiplier Features, up to 25 Free Spins, and 243 Paylines.
  • Jackpot: $1,000,000.
  • RTP0: 96.06%.

1: Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot

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There simply is no better video game slot than the 2020 release of Street Fighter 2. Developed by Capcom and NetEnt, this is everything a Street Fighter would hope of. Everything, every tiny detail is Street Fighter all over, yet it’s hard to remember it’s a slot you’re playing. The animation is exact, everything from the gaming menu to the slot background scene, it is all perfect. The color and the symbols make this a must for any person who has experienced one of the greatest games of all-time. Each character controls different volatilities so some will help you to win more but with less profit, whilst others get you big profits but infrequently. It’s a perfect fight for fortune and rewards, with some huge cross-over features that are a joy to experience. Easily number one and one of the very best slot games of the year.

  • Gaming Features: Bonus Car Smashing Round, Bonus Multiplier Round, Bonus Beat the Boss Round, Free Spins.
  • Jackpot: $250,000.
  • RTP: 96.06%.

You can test all these games in their demo mode at and even find the best casinos online that will offer them as real money options to play on.

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