Can You Really Bet on MrBeast Hitting 100 Million Subscribers?


Mr Beast and Youtube Logo

MrBeast is one of the hottest YouTube stars on the planet. His channel is so popular that he has more than two dozen assistants just to help him plan and upload his videos.

He is so famous, in fact, that there is a sportsbook taking bets on whether this internet sensation will hit 100 million subscribers by year’s end. Just to compare, Netflix has 200 million subscribers, total.

Is it possible, then, that a YouTuber can achieve half the subscription rate of streaming juggernaut Netflix? Some think that yes, it’s possible.

In this article, I’ll tell you why MrBeast is so famously popular and how many subscribers he has right at this moment. Then, you can decide if he’ll make it to the required 100 million fans before the cutoff date for the bet.

I will discuss where the odds stand right now and what the odds mean, then I will explain how and where to place your bets on MrBeast.

Why He’s So Popular

Say what you will about callous YouTubers and other social media stars. One of the primary reasons that MrBeast is so popular is that he maintains an upbeat and positive outlook, and even engages in popular philanthropic giveaways.


He has rescued every animal in a dog shelter, has given an entire house as a tip to a pizza delivery driver, and bought every car at a dealership only to give them away to shocked car shoppers.

These not-so-random acts of kindness garner MrBeast massive viewership numbers and, thus, more income. The famous YouTuber has admitted that he hopes to one day open up shelters and free food pantries for the needy.

“Last to Leave” Challenges

One of his favorite “schticks” is the “last to leave” challenge. MrBeast will come up with a banal activity and reward whoever can stick it out the longest. Some examples include:

  • Last to Leave the Sandbox Gets $50,000
  • Last to Stop Running on a Treadmill Gets $20,000
  • Last to Leave a Revolving Door Gets $50,000
  • Last to Leave a Slime Pit Receives $20,000

For some reason, these challenges have caught the attention of a rapt global audience whose members love the sheer absurdity of these activities.

The challenge that brought the YouTuber more than 38 million views, however, wasn’t so lighthearted. MrBeast himself spent 24 hours in the old Ohio State Penitentiary, considered to be one of the most haunted buildings on earth.

He has also done 24 hours in the Bermuda Triangle and Area 51.

The $10,000 Steak

Because MrBeast has so many followers, advertisers are lining up to showcase their commercials during his videos. As a result, MrBeast can make up to $1 million each month in advertising revenue.

In short, MrBeast has money to burn. Now, we come to the famously expensive cut of meat that is served covered in gold foil and comes with a $10,000 price tag.

The video shows MrBeast and his friends eating at a fancy restaurant. That’s it. They are making random, silly boy jokes, as random, silly boys will do. And they are eating overpriced food. There’s really nothing more to the story.

Despite the lack of any real plot, fans tune in because a) the idea of a $10,000 meal is ludicrous, b) they want to see how MrBeast will make this video worth watching, and c) viewers love the fact that he asks for ketchup when he is served the edible-gold-coated beef.

In addition to the steak, there was a $70,000 gold pizza, a $100,00 ice cream sundae—you get the idea.

There seems to be an edible gold fad sweeping through the world. Experts say there are neither dangers nor benefits to ingesting the thin, edible metal.

To which I say, “Then, why do it? Isn’t pizza beautiful enough on its own?” This may be why I don’t have a YouTube channel.

Why His Videos Appeal to Viewers

Why does this work? How has MrBeast stumbled across the perfect recipe for Internet success?

The answer is simple. We don’t go to YouTube to find deeper meaning in life. We go there to watch how a legless pit bull uses his electric wheelchair.

We watch hippos save dogs from being eaten by crocodiles. We watch news bloopers repeatedly. Prank videos are among the most-watched videos on YouTube. We watch, we laugh, we thank God it’s not us.

Essentially, we are desperate for short, sweet mental vacations. It just so happens that MrBeast is the ideal tour guide for this moment in time.

MrBeast Subscriber Metrics

It’s tough to draw attention to a YouTube channel. One must stand out among the millions of users already on the platform.

However, once a YouTube personality reaches a “critical mass,” then the channel grows on its own via word of mouth and video-sharing.

Currently, MrBeast has 54.4 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 700 videos.

You can see in this chart that MrBeast set up shop in 2012 and did not achieve global notice right away.

  • 2012 – Set up YouTube Presence
  • 2018 – 5 Million Subscribers
  • 2019 – 20 Million Subscribers
  • Mid-2020 – 35 Million Subscribers

You will notice that his growth has been exponential rather than linear. It took MrBeast several years to build his brand. Between 2018 and 2019, he quadrupled his following.

The question is, has he “topped off” in popularity, or will he experience another massive jump this year?

I suspect the answer will have to do with the number and creativity of this year’s video offerings. Unfortunately, we can’t tell what he’s thinking ahead of time.

What the Odds Tell Us

If you bet on Tom Brady to be able to toss a football 40 yards, then you will not make any money on that bet because it is assumed that yes, he can throw the ball 40 yards. Where will you find someone who is going to bet that he can’t?

This is how odds work. The statisticians employed by sportsbooks assess the chances of something happening. If an event seems likely to occur, you won’t make as much on that bet as if you bet that the event won’t occur.


Right now, the odds hover at +300 for yes, he will reach 100 million subscribed fans, and -600 for no, he can’t possibly reach that number this year.

It’s counterintuitive, but the +300 means that the “yes” bet is the underdog in this equation.

And +300 odds tell us that the sportsbooks believe it is so unlikely for MrBeast to reach 100 million subscribers that they will pay you winnings of $300 for every $100 you bet if you wager that it will happen, and it does.

Let’s recap. You can bet any amount, but I use $100 for ease of calculation. If you bet $100 that he’ll reach the required number of subscribers, and he does reach that number, you will have $400 deposited into your account. You’ll get your initial $100 bet back plus $300 in winnings.

On the other hand, the sportsbooks firmly believe that he will not reach the magic number. Therefore, you would have to bet $600 to win $100 if it happens, for a total of $700 put into your account (initial deposit plus your winnings).

So… Why Bet on a Favorite?

If you can only make $100 on a $600 bet, you might wonder, “Why bother?”

Well, this return beats other investments by a long shot. You can bet $6,000 and make $1,000 effortlessly.

The only problem? That it is a bet. By this, I mean there are no guarantees. Yes, it is utterly likely you’ll win the bet. But on occasion, the surprising, the shocking, and the unthinkable happen.

In the end, it comes down to you and your personal beliefs about what will happen. Does your gut tell you that 100 million subscribers is not only possible but probable? Then, you would bet that yes, he’ll do it and stand to make a great return.

But remember, not one person in America could have guessed—could have even imagined—that Patrick Mahomes would do so poorly in the last Super Bowl and that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of all people would take the title.

It’s like the title of that Netflix show, Stranger Things. Yup, they happen.

How and Where to Bet

If you are not already a sports bettor, let me fill you in on what’s been happening in the United States recently.

Sports fans have always enjoyed betting on professional games, college games, heck, anything competitive could be a chance to place a bet. But until 2018, the only place in the US you could place a sports bet was in Las Vegas (except for horse racing, which could be done at tracks around the country).


Legislation changed, and now, there are physical sportsbooks scattered about the US. But it is the high-quality online sportsbooks where you will find the most entertaining betting options.

For instance, you can bet on the next US president at an online sportsbook, but you won’t find political betting options at Vegas sportsbooks.

Also, you can find the MrBeast bet at MyBookie, but you aren’t going to find this opportunity at any physical sportsbooks near you.

This is why online sportsbooks have become so popular and taken so much of the market share, despite the fact that there are now in-person sportsbooks operating across the country.

Betting online is faster, it is easier to transfer your winnings to your bank account, and the betting options are much wider (and often more interesting) than you will find at standard sportsbooks.

Where to Find the MrBeast Bet

When you go to the MyBookie site, you’ll see four headings along the top of the page.

  • Sportsbook
  • Live Betting
  • Casino
  • Racing

You will want to click on the Sportsbook heading. Why would the MrBeast and other “special wagers” bets be in the sportsbook and not some other heading?

Because sportsbooks handle entertainment, human interest wagers, and political bets in the same way that they handle sports bets. There is the list of odds, the wager cutoff date and time, and any side bets (called “prop bets”) that may be running along with the main bet.

A Simple First Bet

Assuming you are new to online sportsbooks (or sports betting in general), the MrBeast bet is quite straightforward. You simply bet on whether he will or will not reach 100 million subscribers by the end of the year.


If you choose to explore other bets—Super Bowl or next US presidential candidate, for instance—you’ll often find prop bets, which are side bets related to the main action.

Some popular sports prop bets include the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach and whether the initial coin toss will be heads or tails.

Popular political prop bets include what color each candidate will wear and which buzzword will be used first in a debate.

But regarding the MrBeast bet, you simply click into the online sportsbook page and scroll down to the “Special Wagers” side tab.

Now That You Know How to Bet

You will be surprised by what you can bet on. Yes, you can put money down on whether the reigning champ Joey Chestnut will eat more than 74 hot dogs at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.

Here are some additional entertainment betting options that I find appealing:

  • Grammy Awards Album of the Year
  • Grammy Awards Song of the Year
  • Will President Biden Complete His First Term?
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
  • 2024 Democratic Nominee
  • Next Boston City Mayor
  • Which team will score first in the next NBA game?

Not only are these bets entertaining, but they ensure I’ll stay on top of the president’s health, the Boston election, a 390 foot tall lizard, and every week’s NBA games. That’s a good, interesting life for me, and all for a few dollars plus the chance to win a decent return.

Wrapping Things Up

As noted above, the MrBeast bet is a good and simple way to introduce yourself to the wide world of political, entertainment, and sports betting.

Once you have an account at one of the top online sportsbooks, you can browse the options once a week and see what grabs your fancy. Maybe you’ll come across a bet that you know for sure is going to go your way.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to listen to all of the songs up for a Grammy. Or maybe you’ll decide to start following major league baseball, pick a favorite team, and start testing your intuition with your wagers.

Whatever your style, you can find a way to up your enjoyment of spectator events by putting some skin in the game.

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