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One of the most enticing features of any internet casino is its online slots. The slots gained immense popularity since the time they were digitized and one has to find the right combination of the themes, features, and bonuses to get the most of the slot game. Owing to the winning opportunities, easy-to-understand rules the slots are a favorite thing among the casino players. To get an idea of different types of slot games read further.

Video Slots

Video slots are a far cry from the conventional slots that do not require reels and mechanical levers. These can be activated just by pressing a digital button. These slots usually consist of 5 reels or more with multiple pay lines. As the pay lines increase so do the chances of winning. The video slots gained so much popularity today. Platforms like Judi online offer amazing video slots and casino slots to choose from.. 

Classic Slots

By definition, a classic slot is any game that either makes use of mechanical reels or mimics how the mechanical slots look. The classic slots are the most simple types of game slots that are initially introduced in land-based casinos. They are also called ‘Fruities’ as they use symbols of the fruits such as lemons, cherries with the other symbols being bars, bells, or lucky sevens. They constitute 3 reels featuring only one horizontal pay line majorly that stretches across the reels. Even though the 3-reels feature is the first thing that pops up in most players’ minds when they think of a classic slot, some slot machines also consist of 5 or even 7 reels with varying numbers of rows. 

The classic slot games operate on a random number generator that in turn determines which reels and symbols to be displayed on the screen. Users of the newer classic slot games have more probability to gain top payouts and prizes as the newer ones can offer more combinations contrary to the old ones that constitute actual reels that only hold a limited number of symbols.

The casinos with the utilization of the random number generator and a video slot machine offered the players the experience of the old machines; however with higher-paying combinations increases the chances of the players to win higher prizes. The classic slots having 3-reels are limited in number owing to their restricted betting range and are preferred by inexperienced slot players with lesser budgets.

Mobile Slots

Gone are those days when the players used to visit the land-based venues of the casinos to place their bets and to get a taste of the exciting atmosphere. A lot has changed in the past decade with the introduction of web-based casinos that provided the players with their choice of table and slot games from the comfort of their homes. The swift progress made by mobile technologies made it possible for software developers to transfer the most in-demand slot titles from desktop to mobile. Currently, mobile gaming is one of the top-notch sectors in the gaming industry. The slot fans can now practically spin the reels whenever and wherever they want,  without having to drive to the land-based venues.

The mobile slots are compatible with almost all the widespread smartphones and tablets like iOS, Android, and Windows. They also come with the convenience of downloadable mobile slot apps and Instant play mobile slots without the players having to download or install any apps on their devices and can play their favorite slot on the go. The instant-play mobile slots have adopted the HTML5 markup language, therefore the players can access their preferred slot by entering the casino’s address of their choice in the browser’s address bar.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are found in almost every established online casino. They don’t have a fixed amount of jackpot unlike most other slot machines and the jackpot rises incrementally as the players insert coins and spin the wheels. The reason why the Progressive slots have garnered a lot of attention is due to the huge payout it is associated with. Whenever a player places a bet the jackpot grows in real-time and this goes on until someone wins the jackpot subsequently the progressive jackpot resets itself to the starting value and starts increasing as the players spin the wheels.

Megaspin Slots

Under the category of Slot Games Microgaming features numerous slots and are called MegaSpin slot games. Megaspin slots, as the name suggests, allows gaming enthusiasts to play more than 5 slots at a time and players can play numerous games all at once. In these games, a single spin can activate several Megaspin slots, in which each slot offers an independent payout. Depending upon the number of games chosen by the players a 3-reel and a single row slot game appears on the player’s screen. Subsequently, the player is given a chance to choose the betting options.

Multi- Payline Slot Games

The next popular type of slot game is the Multi-pay line slots. These slot games increase the winning potential of the players with their Multiple Paylines. Usually, the Multi- Payline Slot Games have 50- 100 eligible pay lines. Any standard game should have 10 pay lines.

Virtual Reality Slots

These slots are designed in a way to enhance the user experience to a great extent. To give the player an immersive experience of another world this system makes the use of helmets, LED displays, Sound systems. The Virtual Reality Slots should be given a try by those who are longing to have a more realistic experience. There are many casinos readily available that have adopted Virtual reality lots.

3D Slot Games

These are much more modern slot games. These games come with a great lot of details and graphics. The 3D slots have been improved a lot since its release and today players have access to a better version of such Slot games that makes use of impressive graphics, animations, and sound effects

Feature Slots

This category of games falls under those that offer specialized features such as extra spins and additional rounds that can be unlocked using Wilds and scatters. The Wilds and scatters are random symbols that serve as wildcards.

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