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Betting systems integrate their way into every form of gambling on the planet. Most of these systems seem like a sure way to make a profit on the surface. Still, upon further review, the shine begins to dull, and flaws become evident. Usually, this takes place as the gambler drives home from the casino, once again a loser.

Needless to say, betting systems have a negative connotation in the minds of many savvy casino gamblers. For the most part, I agree, there’s usually someone that stands to make a profit on betting systems, and that’s the person selling them. However, sports betting is different. The discipline requires a much slower and more methodical approach.


Having a solid betting system in place is vital if you wish to ever make a profit. I assure you that Billy Walters and Tony Bloom each have a unique and incredibly lucrative system.

Here are the 7 most popular sports betting systems. You may consider using aspects of these strategies to combine and create a plan that works for you.

1 – Going for Broke

Believe it or not, going for broke may be one of the most popular sports betting systems on the planet. It is employed almost exclusively by recreational gamblers. This happens when a gambler takes their entire gambling bankroll and bets it all on a single contest. The bettor is usually a casual observer that elects to place all of their money on what is usually a big event.

For most Americans, this could be a single large bet on the Super Bowl or World Series. In other parts of the world, it could be the FIFA World Cup or Premier League events. In some rare cases, a gambler believes that they have a “sure thing.” So, they pile all of their eggs into one basket and cross their fingers at online sportsbooks.

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Occasionally, these bets will pay off, and the bettor doubles up. However, more often, the player will lose and is forced into gambling bankruptcy. That may be fine for the casual bettor making their once-a-year wager. They have a full 12 months to reestablish their bankroll.

However, for the more serious sports bettor, this may have devastating consequences. Losing your bankroll in one swing could knock you out of the game for months. Here is where some gamblers begin to slide into problem gambling and start borrowing money from other areas to cover their gambling habit.

I don’t recommend going for broke if you are a regular punter. Still, for the casual fan that has the money to place it all on their one bet a year, it can be the most entertaining way to gamble.

2 – Flat Betting Protects Your Cash

Many sports bettors take a flat-betting approach. This betting strategy is much safer than the all-in system used by many wild-eyed gamblers. For starters, the simple matter of calculating a wager is taken primarily out of the equation. You choose an amount that comfortably fits within your bankroll and starts making wagers.


In most cases, these bettors are looking to make several of these flat bets in a short amount of time. For NFL-focused sports bettors, this may boil down to making five $100 wagers on Sunday.

MLB, NBA, and NHL sports bettors may spread their bets out over the entire week. Still, each wager will be for the same amount.

This same technique is used for skilled casino players. They use the flat betting system to guard them against the itch to begin doubling down. When a player starts raising their bets, they are destined to begin losing faster than before.

Flat betting is a safe way to navigate the ups and downs of sports betting. Still, eventually, it may lead to putting your bankroll in jeopardy.

3 – Proportional Wagering

Proportional wagering is the system employed by skilled advantage gamblers. This system closely mimics flat betting with one glaring difference. In flat betting, you pick a comfortable amount and make all of your bets the same amount. This continues into perpetuity.

However, proportional wagering will have a flat wager amount across bets that changes based on your total bankroll. Keep in mind that your bankroll is money specifically for the purpose of your gambling. So, if you have $10,000 in your bank account and $15,000 on the 15th, you shouldn’t necessarily be changing your best size.

How to Get Started in Sports Betting

However, take some of that cash and add it to your sports betting bankroll. You could raise your average bet size proportionally. Most advantage sports bettors will never risk more than 1-2% on a single event. On rare occasions, that number may go as high as 5%, but never more.

I know that 1% seems like a low figure, but advantage gamblers can’t afford to lose their bankroll. By keeping the percentages small, it protects the player against a run of losses.

The most important thing in sports betting is surviving the ups and downs. It will take time to build a significant bankroll; you need to protect this money at all costs.

4 – Sticking to One Area of Expertise

Many sports bettors dive in headfirst and start placing the action on anything the sportsbooks offer. A little bit of baseball here, some basketball over there, and the occasional NASCAR keeps them entertained for months at a time. That can be a great way to gamble if you’re okay with losing money. I present a novel concept for those of you who would prefer to make a decent profit in sports betting.


Stick to a single area of expertise. This will allow you to focus on keys that most sports bettors will ignore, giving you an advantage in finding favorable lines. In sports betting, it is much better to be a master of one domain than a jack of all trades.

Eventually, you may become well-rounded enough to begin branching into other areas. Still, in the early days, it’ll be better to focus on a single game.

You can take that to the next level by focusing on a single team. Try to pick a team that will get favorable lines, and don’t pick your favorite team. When you start betting with your heart, you are doomed. Every wager you make needs to be a calculated risk based on information, never feelings.

5 – Software Implementation for Huge Results

The elite sports bettors use software to calculate their picks and find the best value. In sports betting, getting value for your bets can be as critical as picking the game itself. You never want to risk a good amount of money for a slight return. The risk vs. reward doesn’t match up.

So, software developers have begun publishing software that will assist you in analyzing the data available. There are several pros to implementing this software into your sports betting system.

Money Computer

Primarily is your ability to spot critical trends that will help you gain an edge. I won’t tell you that implementing such software doesn’t take some of the fun out of sports betting for some punters. The human element is an undeniable factor in the enjoyment of sports betting.

So, you’ll need to decide what’s more important. Making money or having fun? There’s no wrong answer; it falls on you as an individual. If your focus is on making a profit, the software can take your gambling to the next level.

If you’re satisfied by merely having fun trying to beat the system, stick to your guns and figure it out for yourself. I’m not saying you can’t become profitable without using software, just that it may take longer and cost you more.

6 – Betting Against the Public

Shading the public is one of the most enjoyable value betting techniques I’ve found. Perhaps I enjoy being the antagonist, but there’s something to be said for betting the underdog. Most of the betting public is going to favor the more illustrious franchise or player. You merely exploit that by betting against them.

Imagine that the Chiefs are playing the Browns in week 4 of the NFL season. There will be a ton of bandwagon Chiefs fans betting on their new team. If you look at this matchup and see the potential for an upset, you can likely get a favorable line betting on the Browns.


I’m about to blow your mind; the sportsbooks don’t care who wins. They only care that there’s balanced action on the game. That’s how the sportsbooks make money. If the wagering is too lopsided, they stand to take a loss.

Now, don’t head into the season focused on only heavy betting underdogs, but pay attention to where the line presents an opportunity for you to make a profit.

7 – The Martingale

The Martingale system is among the thorns in my side when it comes to casino gambling. The system has you double your wager after a loss. The theory is that you’ll eventually break even and start over. There are several flaws with this system, and it usually leads to players losing at a much faster rate.

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You won’t necessarily face table limits that plague casino gamblers, but you have a finite amount of money. So, that $200 initial wager is suddenly $3200 after five consecutive losses. That’s probably enough to tell you to stay away from the Martingale.

Still, I see punters in the sportsbook pooling money with friends and making runs every Sunday during the NFL season.


The 7 most popular sports betting systems are a mix of solid track records and those that are terrible financially but offer huge excitement potential.

Before you start building your sports betting system, take the time to decide what you hope to gain. Then you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

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