NaVi vs. Faze Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value


Faze vs NaVi

Pick: NaVi to Win

Odds: -217

$100 Could Win You…$146.08

I’m sorry, guys! Just like I’ve told you in our last set of CSGO picks, BLAST Premier Spring has been a properly chaotic event. Too chaotic for CSGO betting experts, to say the least. It’s been a wild ride; a ride I’m not that proud of thus far. But, here’s hoping we’ll fix things with NaVi vs. Faze predictions, even though we’ve missed the correct score 2:0 for NaVi vs. MIBR yesterday.


A day of upsets, goats in action and certified bangers!#BLASTPremier

— BLAST Premier ? (@BLASTPremier) February 12, 2021

Natus Vincere going up against Faze Clan has all the makings of a proper spectacle. It’s not every day we see two of Europe’s finest going up against each other. The stage is set up nicely, that’s for sure, but whether or not it’s worth betting on… that’s what the remainder of our NaVi vs. Faze Clan predictions aim to find out.

NaVi vs. Faze Betting Predictions

To be honest with you guys, I’m actually scared to give you guys concrete picks. I’ve never been scared doing what I love, but this event has been something else… An upset after an upset; a major loss following another one. BLAST Premier Spring hasn’t been good for my budget, and I reckon most of you feel the same way.

But, we’re here to fix things! We’re here to stop the upset-train and finally win a wager! NaVi vs. Faze picks might not be the most lucrative option out there, but they should be worth your while at a medium stake. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the action!


There’s really no need to compare the form of these two – it’s miles apart. NaVi were and still are the most consistent team out there, while Faze Clan are trying to find their place among frequent roster alterations. They’ve lost their biggest star, NiKo, but seem to finally be back on track and improving their ranking in international waters. So yeah, as far as the form goes, our NaVi vs. Faze picks can go in only one direction!

Expectations-wise, NaVi should win… but considering this whole upset trend that’s been going on from the start of the event, people kind of expect Faze Clan to make an upset here. It’s not that far of a stretch, but I still reckon NaVi has enough pedigree to see this one through and come out with a win that’d guarantee them a spot on the Spring Finals!

Map Depth

Let’s go straight to the point here – statistically, Faze Clan has just one map which they can properly contest NaVi on – Nuke! Everything else is (at least statistically) in favor of the CIS champions. Alongside Nuke, Faze won Dust 2 against Liquid as well! That has to be pointed out since NaVi haven’t really excelled at that map. Though, I don’t think we’ll see them play on it – NaVi’s map pool depth should be more than enough to push the odds in their favor in the banning phase.

Roster Strengths

As expected, S1mple was the prime catalyst in NaVi’s win against MIBR! He accumulated whopping 70 kills across three maps, 16 more than the second-placed electronic. He’ll be the man to watch against Faze Clan tomorrow, that’s for sure!

But, Turns Out Faze Clan’s Roster Isn’t Lost Without Niko!

Broky and rain did their part in beating liquid, acquiring 39 kills over two (relatively short) maps. They had excellent all-around contribution too, not just in terms of kills, which brings forth the following question – can the two of them effectively counter S1mple tomorrow?

While they’ll definitely do their best, even if they manage to control him, prevent him from going berserk and snowballing into the match, even if they do, other NaVi players are more than capable of exploiting that to their advantage.

This brings forth the following conclusion:

NaVi vs. Faze Picks

Wow, what are these odds? Why are they so good; why are NaVi vs. Faze picks so valuable? Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that this whole event has been one big upset. Bookies aren’t sure what to do with these matches, risk-management-wise, so we have a perfect opportunity to milk them for what they’re worth.

The problem is, I’m not even sure what to trust anymore. Typically, all my esports picks, whether they’re for CSGO or Valorant, are based on statistical figures. These last few weeks, well, let’s just say they didn’t follow any statistical trends whatsoever.

For this particular matchup, at first, I was inclined to go with Faze Clan just for the sake of holding onto the upset train. But… I just can’t… NaVi are a top-tier side and even though they struggled (a bit) against MIBR, they shouldn’t lose against Faze. And it’s not just my opinion, the stats are backing me up… But, I can’t guarantee anything on this event anymore – it’s been a wild ride, but let’s hope NaVi put an end to the whole upset thingy and close this one out with style!

NaVi vs. Faze –NaVi to Win at (-217)

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