North Dakota’s Sports Betting Bill is Moving Forward


North Dakota Sports Betting Ballot

  • 25 states across the country have legalized sports betting since PASPA was removed in 2018. 
  • Lawmakers in North Dakota have been discussing this new industry for years. 
  • New reports indicate North Dakota’s sports betting bill has just cleared another major hurdle. 

More states around the country are working to get their sports betting industries up and running. That includes North Dakota, home to some of the most passionate sports fans in the country. New reports claim that North Dakota’s sports betting bill is now moving forward through the legislative process.

It’s exciting news for many throughout the state. North Dakota’s lawmakers clearly recognize the massive revenue potential from this industry. Today, we’ll discuss what still needs to be done for sports betting to become officially legal in this state.

Let’s get into it!

Online Sports Betting Revenue Continues to Surge Around the US

The US now has the biggest and most profitable sports betting industry in the world. That’s an impressive statistic when considering this industry is only a few years old. States other than Nevada have only been able to legalize sports betting since May of 2018.

Regulations toward this form of gambling vary from state to state. Some only allow land-based sports betting inside licensed casinos. Others have launched regulated online sportsbooks that allow sports fans to make bets from anywhere within the state borders.

The latter states are earning considerably more revenue right now. Online sports betting has reached new levels of popularity throughout 2020 and 2021. Many people stuck at home have taken to internet sports betting as a way to make some extra money while enjoying their favorite games.

New Jersey, in particular, is cashing out from this industry. Throughout 2020, this state continues to set new sports betting handle records. A huge amount of money is coming in via taxes for the state and casinos are getting some much-needed relief after their poor land-based revenue earnings.

26 different states have passed laws to legalize sports betting. Several are currently working to do the same. That includes North Dakota. New reports are shedding light on how close this state is to getting its sports gambling industry operational.

One bill is making its way through the legislative process here. Now is the perfect time to talk about the progress being made.

Here’s What is Happening With North Dakota’s Sports Betting Bill

As we just mentioned, more than half the country now has a legal sports betting industry up and running. The majority of these states are earning a large amount of revenue each month. North Dakota has been eyeing this new form of gambling for years and is finally pulling the trigger to get things up and running.

This week, a new bill to legalize sports betting here was approved by the House Judiciary Committee. This was the biggest move yet to get sports gambling legalized. It means the issue can now be featured on the ballots in 2022. If approved, it could eventually give voters the ability to amend the state constitution to allow traditional sports betting.

At the moment, North Dakota only allows “charitable gambling.” Essentially, this means gambling that is not for profit. Rep. Michael Howe is sponsoring this bill and believes it will end up helping sports integrity in the long-run.

“Legalized sports wagering will actually make it harder to fix games, and once legalized, sports wagering will be monitored, and any irregular activity will be easily detected. It is easier to fix games in a un-monitored environment in which money flows under the radar. The only way to legalize this is to put this to a vote of the people in North Dakota. I feel the majority of North Dakotans want this, and if you disagree we have one way to find out — at the ballot box,” He said.

North Dakota’s sports betting bill is gaining more support every month. Many now realize this is an industry that is here to stay. Regulation, as opposed to crackdowns, will help the state significantly more moving forward.

Things are moving quickly and the bill will now need to be approved by the House, Senate, and ultimately signed by Governor Doug Burgum before it can officially make it to the statewide vote. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

Other States Pushing Towards Sports Betting Regulation

North Dakota isn’t the only state that is interested in the legalization and regulation of sports betting. There are several areas of the country where lawmakers are discussing the industry. It seems very likely that 2021 will bring several new states legal sports betting options.

Oklahoma is one of those states looking into this industry. Tribes have been in negotiations with Governor Stitt for years about this issue. In June of 2020, the Department of the Interior approved the measure, yet little progress has been made since. Hope is that things move forward before the end of the year.

Texas may not be far behind, either. The Lone Star State is known for being anti-gambling, yet several prominent lawmakers here are touting the benefits of a regulated sports betting industry. That could make Texas one of the states that ban casinos, yet embraces sports gambling. Not everyone is on board with that idea, notably Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Many are hopeful that California gets its sports betting industry legalized within the next two years, as well. Officials here have been talking with tribal leaders about this subject since 2018. There hasn’t been any considerable progress made but analysts expect a breakthrough at some point this year.

North Dakota’s sports betting bill is moving forward without any issues. The next big test will be in the House and Senate. If all goes according to plan, sports fans here will be able to make both online and land-based bets on their favorite sports sometime early next year!

Do you think North Dakota will legalize sports betting in 2021? What other states will choose to do so? Let us know in the comments section below!

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