Sunday Briefing: Adrian Mateos Among Big Winners


Adrian Mateos

October 4 was another action-packed Sunday in the online poker tournament world and there were plenty of familiar names who found themselves in the winner’s circle.

Adrian Mateos was one such winner, triumphing in the $5,250 buy-in High Rollers Blade Prime at GGPoker for a cool $95,537.

Bert Stevens was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. His seventh-place finish meant he went home empty-handed although he did win almost $400,000 last week so it’s hard to feel sorry for him!

Ole Schemion was the first superstar to see a return on his investment, Sixth-place weighed in at $11,956. “L Levinskas” crashed out in fifth for $17,801 before Christian Rudolph bowed out in fourth and padded his bankroll with $26,502.

Heads-up was set when Brock Wilson busted in third for $39,457, Mateos and Sean Winter locked horns heads-up, Mateos got the job done and banked the $95,537 top prize, leaving Winter to scoop a $58,745 consolation prize.

1Adrian MateosUnited Kingdom$95,537
2Sean WinterCanada$58,745
3Brock WilsonCanada$39,457
4Christian RudolphAustria$26,502
5L LevinskasCroatia$17,801
6Ole SchemionAustria$11,956

Canada’s “Yaawn” got their hands on the largest prize of the weekend courtesy of being the last player standing in the High Roller MILLION$ event. Some 454 players made it through to the final day’s action on October 4 and Yaawn outlasted them all.

Everyone who navigated their way to the final table guaranteed themselves a five-figure score with the top three finishers netting six-figures.

“BadCards”, “WhyNotChili”, “blufferbaba”, and “grosgf” all fell in quick succession, leaving only five players in the hunt for the gargantuan top prize. Those five became four when “halom” ducked out, then “DonPepe” saw their tournament end in fourth-place, a finish worth $88,658.

Third-place and $129,391 went to “ravagee111” of Moldova, which left Yaawn and United Kingdom-based Belgian Kenny Hallaert heads-up. Hallaert fell at the final hurdle and secured a $188,837 prize, leaving the champion to get their hands on a cool $275,594.

2Kenny HallaertUnited Kingdom$188,837

Some of the other big results at GGPoker this weekend included:

  • dirtynude – first-place in the GGMasters High Rollers $1,000 for $163,897
  • Serenity Now – first-place in the Global MILLION$ for $91,125
  • Martin Zamani – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $5,250 for $87,247
  • Ami Barer – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Opener $5,250 for $85,316
  • Solya – first-place in the GGMasters $150 for $63,941
  • THE Sheriff – first-place in the High Rollers Bounty King $3,150 for $57,725*
  • GoatT – first-place in the High Rollers Marathon $840 for $57,703
  • sagarpupul – first-place in the Sunday Bounty King $315 for $56,021*
  • Subutai89 – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Main Event $210 for $46,351*
  • Jans Arends – first-place in the Sunday Main Event $200 for $42,915
  • rdcrsn – first-place in the High Rollers Bounty Six Shooter $1,260 for $42,557*
  • LottoLarry – first-place in the Sunday Forty Stack $400 for $39,171
  • getaxc56 – first-place in the High Rollers Main Event $1,050 for $37,544
  • static88 – first-place in the Sunday Marathon $300 for $35,677
  • ExoticJoe – first-place in the Sunday Special $125 for $33,184
  • Baba_Yaga – first-place in the Sunday Monster Stack $200 for $26,530*

*includes bounty payments

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Check Out The Biggest Winners at 888poker

Over at 888poker, Malta’s “Fermparadox” won the 888Millions $88 Sunday PKO 8-Max for a combined $3,792. Another big PKO event, the $109 buy-in 888Millions Sunday challenge, saw Sweden’s “VnilaVader” scoop the $3,098 top prize plus an additional $3,304 worth of bounties.

This weekend’s Sunday Special overlaid for the third consecutive week, although the 486 entrants meant it was only a few buy-ins short. It ended in a four-way chop with all four players winning five-figure prizes. “YoureMagical” (4th – $13,898), “Iambudha” (3rd – $11,414), “mieux90” (2nd – $12,618), and “The MufinMan” (1st – $14,008).

“futomaki123” won the 888Millions Sunday Mega Deep, turning $109 into $18,750, the largest prize awarded at 888poker on October 4.

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Big Scores Galore at partypoker

Qatar’s Mayank Saxena is $119,875 richer than a few hours ago courtesy of triumphing in the $5,200 High Roller Big Game at partypoker.

The tournament saw 101 players buy in and it was Saxena who outlasted them all and secured the tournament’s only six-figure prize, namely $119,875. Saxena defeated Joakim Andersson heads-up for the title; the Swedish runner-up banked $85,925.

Before that happened, a whole host of stars helped themselves to some of the $500,000 prize pool. WPTWOC Player of the Championship Artur Martirosian crashed out in eighth before former MILLIONS Online champion Jon Van Fleet fell in seventh.

Christopher Fitzgerald and Team partypoker’s Ludovic Geilich busted before four-time WSOP bracelet winner Dominik Nitsche saw his tournament end in fourth-place. Slovenia’s Rok Gostisa was the penultimate elimination, his demise in third netting him $61,450.

1Mayank SaxenaQatar$119,875
2Joakim AnderssonSweden$85,925
3Rok GostisaSlovenia$61,450
4Dominik NitscheUnited Kingdom$43,750
5Ludovic GeilichUnited Kingdom$32,500
6Christopher FitzgeraldCanada$25,000
7Jon Van FleetCanada$21,250
8Artur MartirosianRussia$17,750

Feast your eyes on these other impressive results from partypoker tournaments held on October 4.

  • Krzysztof Dulowski – first-place in the $530 Big Game for $46,966
  • Victor Onizuka – first-place in the $55 Mini Big Game for $15,318
  • UnderEV95 – first-place in the $55 Gladiator for $11,162*
  • Brachiosaurus – first-place in the $109 Ultrasonic for $5,535*
  • pasoperopago – first-place in the $77 Magnificent 77 for $5,192*
  • Blindguy69 – first-place in the Bounty Hunter $109 for $3,685*

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Epic Heads-Up Clash at PokerStars

The PokerStars $1,050 Sunday Supersonic is a tournament that never fails to excite. A big buy-in, juicy guarantee, and hyper-turbo blind structure always leads to a thrilling conclusion. This week’s was no different.

It was won by Niklas “Lena900” Astedt for $19,128 after a heads-up deal with fellow superstar Andras “probirs” Nemeth who banked $19,458. Only five others received a slice of the $66,030 prize pool, including Anton “Bomber&Granater” Wigg, “Old brock”, Peter “Belabasci” Traply, Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson and “efkinis24”. What a ridiculous finale!

1Niklas “Lena900” AstedtSweden$19,128*
2Andras “probirs” NemethHungary$19,458*
4Simon “C. Darwin2” MattssonSweden$6,744
5Peter “Belabasci” TraplyHungary$4,467
6Old brockAustria$3,280
7Anton “Bomber&Granater” WiggAustria$2,768

*reflects a heads-up deal

Swede’s excelled in the $107.50 Half Price Sunday Supersonic too, with a pair of Swedish grinders finishing in first and second place.

“ambosexus001” and “mariaanovic” were the six-handed final table’s first casualties before Argentinian pro German “germaxi” Chrstiansen fell in fourth for the final four-figure score. Andres “pintoelbajon” Viola secured the $12,102 third-place prize with their exit setting up an all-Swedish heads-up battle between “TiltMeBig” and “SURLOPE”. The former got the job done and their hands on $24,929, leaving the latter to console themselves with a $17,369 runner-up prize.

3Andres “pintoelbajon” ViolaUruguay$12,102
4German “germaxi” ChristiansenArgentina$8,432

These are some of the other highlights from PokerStars’ tournaments this weekend:

  • Torben “Tralllle” Soerensen – first-place in the $1,50 Sunday High Roller for $45,379
  • Ben “Fabaz” Farrel – first-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $39,145*
  • VladTheSlaye – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $29,383
  • L1VeYRdrEamS – first-place in the $215 Fat Sunday for $18,900
  • Anton “Bomber&Granater” Wigg – first-place in the Hotter $215 for $17,658*
  • Wildace_hun – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $14,218
  • ajetopatamat – first-place in the $530 Sunday Marathon for $10,546
  • Lefty Gekko – first-place in the Hotter $109 for $9,608
  • Joeyh1991 – first-place in the $109 Sunday Starter for $4,168
  • GoodLuckH4veFun – first-place in the $109 Bounty Builder for $3,916*

*includes bounty payments

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