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Gamer Avatars

‘What to wear?” is a question that often bothers us. And we are not just talking about women — this happens with men too. Choosing the right outfit for an event or a meeting is a monumental task as everyone wants to look their best. Besides, your attire and appearance impacts your confidence and helps you leave a lasting impression. The same goes for your persona in online games. Junglee Rummy offers cool avatars to all its users. You can get into different avatars and bring your best game to the table.

Before we reveal our cool list of avatars, here are some advantages of using an avatar at rummy tables:

Advantages of Using a Gamer Avatar

Believe it or not, using a rummy avatar will give your competitors an idea of your personality and gaming preferences. 

  • An avatar will help you have a unique identity at a rummy table. Using an avatar like a superhero or a gangster will make you appear as a promising player at the table.
  • Using a strong avatar will give you a moral boost and increase your confidence while playing the game. 
  • In online rummy, there are chances of competing with an opponent again. When you select a new avatar for every game, it will keep your identity concealed and baffle your opponents. They might mistake you for a weak or new player.

Types of Gamer Avatars on Junglee Rummy 

Junglee Rummy promises an amazing rummy experience to all its users. And for that, we keep adding new features, which make you come back for more. With the same objective, we provide exclusive gamer avatars to everyone. We have handpicked some of the most iconic characters from Bollywood and Hollywood movies just for you. There are over 51 avatars and each character has got a unique style. 

Actors and actresses: Many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are people’s icons and fans across the world follow them. In fact, some fans may go out of their ways and imitate the characters played by them on screen. Imagine playing using a similar avatar as your favorite celebrity and bringing your best game to the table. Isn’t that exciting? You can pick from the list of top actors and actresses, including Rajnikant, Salman Khan, Nana Patekar, Arjun Rampal, Sanjay Dutt, Pamela Anderson and many more.

Superheroes: A superhero immediately conjures up the image of a strong character with surprising superpowers. Similarly, in rummy a superhero avatar gives an impression of the user being a highly skilled player. It conveys the idea that you are a strong opponent who will give a tough competition to other players at the table. Another advantage is that many players love playing with challenging opponents. So if you are good at playing rummy, you must try this avatar. Some popular superheroes include Krish, RaOne, Superman, Transformers, etc.

Gangsters: Almost every Bollywood movie has a protagonist and an antagonist. There are times when the viewers favor the villain for the amazing portrayal by the actor. Even though a gangster does bad things, they have a strong personality. We should never do bad things in real life, but there is no harm in using a villain’s avatar at a gaming table. If you use such an avatar, you will be naturally perceived as a fierce opponent in the game. We have some cool bad guy avatars to choose from. Pick your favorite character and start playing.

Cricketers: There are crazy cricket fans in India who closely follow their favorite cricket stars. So we have included some cricketer avatars for cricket fans. Select your favorite cricketer avatar and clean bowl your opponents at the tables.

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Miscellaneous: We also offer avatars of some other cool characters like Hulk Hogan, Lion, Bob Marley, Rambo, Air Hostess, Dalai Lama, etc. 

So get a move on! Try our brand-new and royal avatars to impress as well as trick your opponents. Do let us know your favorite gamer avatar in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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