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Finland Casinos

Finland is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Its proximity to many European countries and Russia makes it a bustling hub for travelers.

Finland has a long list of unique attractions. One of the biggest draws is the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

The casino industry in Finland has exploded over the past decade. Casinos began popping up all over the country, and tourists have a ton of fantastic options.

Still, finding the right casino can be challenging. So, let’s look at the 10 best casinos in Finland. You’ll be able to wade through the services and perks offered by each and find the right one for you.

1 – Casino Helsinki

Many of Finland’s top casinos are located in the capital city of Helsinki. Casino Helsinki is one of the oldest and most revered casinos in Helsinki.

Casino Helsinki is one of my favorite casinos in the world for one reason. The casino, which the government owns, donates 100% of the profits directly to charity.

Casino Helsinki

That’s right; Casino Helsinki is a non-profit. What a groundbreaking and forward-leaning concept this is.

There’s plenty of gaming action for gamblers, with over 350 slot machines offering a fantastic return to players.

Casino Helsinki also has over 20 gaming tables and offers roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Players will occasionally find poker derivative games like oasis poker on the casino floor.

Poker is relatively popular in Finland, and Casino Helsinki has almost a dozen poker tables. You can choose from the immensely popular Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Stud, and the super-easy Chinese Poker.

The casino takes a 5% rake for poker hands, but remember, it’s all for charity.

Overall, Casino Helsinki is a leader in Finland’s growing casino industry and is an excellent place for players.

2 – Feel Vegas Helsinki

Feel Vegas is a vast casino brand in Finland. The Finnish casino juggernaut has a total of 10 casinos in the country.

That makes Feel Vegas the premier casino company in the region. Still, the company offers more than just big numbers of casinos.

Feel Vegas Helsinki is the company’s flagship casino, and you’ll find all the games you love inside. There’s a full sportsbook that features a lovely sports bar.

Players enjoy the more than adequate poker area where tournaments take place several times a week.

The main casino floor has hundreds of slot machines where jackpots can reach 15,000 euros. These games are on the ready and have payouts that will keep your bank intact for hours as you gamble the night away.

Feel Vegas Helsinki also has a full complement of table games. Dynamic Poker, roulette, and blackjack are the options you’ll find on the tables.

The casino also provides a game school where players may register and play the game with fake chips as they learn the ropes.

Feel Vegas Helsinki could have you feeling like you’ve exchanged the lush forests of the rocky desert of Vegas.

3 – Pelaamo Helsinki Myllypuro

Myllypuro is a metropolitan area northeast of central Helsinki. The site is popular with the residents and students.

This casino is all about electronic gaming machines. Players can choose from hundreds of slot machines and electronic table games like blackjack or roulette.

Pelaamo Helsinki Myllypuro

The casino only has four table games in the entire casino. So, the emphasis is clearly on the slots.

Palermo also has a wide selection of lotto games and scratch-offs. These games are prevalent in the casino, and many players prefer these games when in a rush.

A full-service sportsbook rounds out the gambling activities for Pelaamo Helsinki Myllypuro.

4 – Feel Vegas Kuopio

Kuopio is located well north of Helsinki in the lush forests and lakes of central Finland. Kuopio is a beautiful area where you can enjoy the beautiful lakes by day and get a front-row seat to the Northern Lights by night.

When the chilly night air gets to be a little much, it’s time to hit the casino. Feel Vegas Kuopio has over 100 slot machines set around an area that sometimes feels more like a bar than a casino.

Minus the worst parts of a bar, of course. Still, this outstanding casino has a ton of gambling fun for all of its guests.

While in Kuopio, don’t miss the chance to get away from the casino. In addition to the fantastic wilderness adventures, Kuopio has remarkable architecture and local culture to experience.

5 – Spa Hotel Casino

Spa hotel Casino is wellness first and gambling second property. This 81 room resort sits directly on the calm, cool waters of the arctic oasis.

The wilderness surrounding Spa hotel is exquisite. It’s reminiscent of the stunning beauty of the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Spa hotel Casino

This casino resort offers casino favorites like slot machines and blackjack, but the outdoor splendor heavily overshadows the casino gaming.

Still, if you are in the mood to get on the tables while in a virtual paradise, Spa hotel Casino fits the bill. You can’t possibly run out of exciting activities on land or water here.

6 – Feel Vegas Iso Omena

Iso Omena translates from Finnish to Big Apple. I think you can see where this is going.

Finland, like much of Europe, glamorizes much of the United States and our culture. Much in the same way that we have the Venetian or Paris Las Vegas.

Feel Vegas Big Apple is located in Espoo. Espoo is west of Helsinki and sits on the Gulf of Finland.

The area is extremely popular with tourists. If you ever visit Finland, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in Espoo.

Big Apple has the same options as many other Feel Vegas properties. There’s a game school where players can learn the games in a real-world environment without the fear of going broke.

The casino has regular poker tournaments and a sweet little sports bar that features sports betting.

7 – Pelaamo Forssa

Forssa looks like something you’d find hanging on the wall in an art museum. The brick buildings and stone walkways make an incredible backdrop for your gambling adventure.

You may be surprised to find that Forssa only has around 17,000 residents. However, it’s part of the largest metropolitan area in Finland.

Pelaamo Forssa

Palermo has the same slots first approach to casino gaming as many other Finnish casinos. Still, there are several games for the table game enthusiast as well.

Forssa is a small quiet town. You may find yourself going back in time to a slower, less hectic time. You’re not alone.

Forssa is the type of place most of us would love to live.

8 – Feel Vegas Tampere

Feel Vegas Tampere is going to feel very familiar if you’ve visited other Feel Vegas casinos in Finland. For some reason, the Tampere iteration feels more Vegas-like than others.

I couldn’t pin down if it’s the decor, the lighting, or the layout. It just feels very Vegas to me and others I have spoken with about the casino.

I feel like a friend of mine pinned it down when she equated the casino to a Vegas nightclub. That’s the perfect comparison, a casino in a Vegas nightclub.

Well, minus the working ladies and loud, obnoxious music.

Feel Vegas Tampere has hundreds of slot machines from around the world. The games offer a fair return to players and decent jackpot prizes.

You can also find a good game of blackjack or sit for some roulette while in Tampere. Poker players also find plenty of tables and daily tournaments.

9 – Paf Casino

Paf CasinoPaf Casino is situated on the Alland Islands in Mariehamn. This casino is the only land-based owned by the massive online casino company Paf Casino.

The casino gives players a wide variety of slot machines to choose from. The games range in denomination from $0.01 up to $100, so the games fit a wide variety of budgets.

There are no cash poker games at Paf, but you’ll find a variety of poker derivative table games. Of course, the standard fare like roulette and blackjack is readily available.

Paf Casino is often overlooked by those making a trip to Finland, but you shouldn’t sleep on this beautiful property.

10 – Feel Vegas Rovaniemi

It may seem like Feel Vegas has a monopoly on casino gaming in Finland. They absolutely hold the lion’s share of properties.

Feel Vegas Rovaniemi has the same spattering of slot machines and table games that you’ll find at the rest of their properties. You’ll also have the convenient game school to help you brush up on your table play.

Feel Vegas Rovaniemi has one standout feature that you won’t find anywhere else. The casino is attached to the Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus.

The superb casino offers a ton of family-friendly experiences you’d expect and provides romantic couple’s packages.


Many of the 10 best casinos in Finland are going to feel very similar. Still, there’s enough variety to keep things interesting and exciting.

One thing is for sure, Finland is among the most beautiful places on Earth, and casino gambling is but a bonus feature.

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