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As “boring” as it seems, the traditional career path, featuring the 8:00 to 4:00 day job, is what most people normally choose for themselves. It is easy to understand the reasoning. Such an approach limits the risk factor and makes you feel much safer about your future. If you have a permanent job, you can apply for loans and get your life sorted by purchasing a new house or car. 

Nevertheless, not everyone would accept a Monday-Friday (in some cases Saturday or even Sunday) all-day work for “just a regular salary”. Some people seek freedom. Others look for opportunities to make more money. Finally, some do not want to waste their skills on helping someone else to get richer. 

Unfortunately, only a small portion of these people actually dare to try and make their dreams come true. If you are in the “grey zone”, or if you have ever considered moving away from the traditional career path, stay tuned and give this piece a read because we’ve put the best online business ideas together in one place.  

Why Online Business? 

We live in an era of constant technological advancements. Nowadays, almost every person in the world has a mobile device and Internet access. Do you know what the best thing about online businesses is? Your potential customers do not need anything else but a mobile device and Internet access to use your product/service. 

The list of potential online business ideas is enormous. With the rise of technology at the current rate, we can only expect online businesses to grow further in the years to come. The planet is already a global marketplace and things are only going to get quicker in the future. 

Now, even if you are tempted to move away from your day job and become your own boss, you may struggle for proper ideas. This is why we have created a list of the most profitable and successful ideas for your potential online businesses. 

1 – SEO Expert

We will start with a lower-risk profession. Being an SEO expert does not mean that you are starting your own business. However, it is still a move from the standard 8:00 to 4:00 day job. You put your skills on display not just to a single company, but to a wide range of customers who are just a couple of clicks away from hiring you. 

An SEO expert is currently a gold mine for tech entrepreneurs. Just think about the number of online sites available for pretty much any branch nowadays. Yes, the competition could hardly be hotter. This is why anyone who owns a website would be willing to pay loads to have his/her site beating the competitors. Who can help them out? The answer is SEO experts. If you master link building, search engine optimization for ecommerce, or content creation, you can easily get your SEO expert career up and running. 

2 – Website Developer & Graphic Designer

As much as it is important to increase your site’s range, you first need to have a proper website. Website developers and graphic designers are here to sort you out. The principle is very easy to understand. The more upgrades you have on the website, the bigger sales you’ll get. ‘Website developers and graphic designers are constantly in demand from smaller businesses to massive worldwide companies’ confirmed John Pentin, director of the popular UK portal.

3 – Online Courses Seller

If you are not a tech-savvy person, you can still make fortunes by initiating an online business that has nothing to do with website development, bugs, or graphic designs. You can simply focus on what you know best instead. It can be literally anything. Let’s say that you have profound knowledge of a certain sport, i.e. football (or soccer for Americans). 

Fantasy sports have been super-popular in the United States for quite some time already, but it seems the activity has rapidly spread out among the Europeans as well. The Fantasy Premier League has never been more popular. Now, if you closely follow the top tier of English football, you can simply start a website in which you would sell your Fantasy Premier League expertise to anyone who plays the game (there are more than 8 million active players right now). 

Again, the range of options is super broad and only sky is the limit here. The key is just to focus on what you know best. If you get it right, success is almost guaranteed because people will be interested in buying your knowledge and making use of it. 

4 – Online Clothes Seller

Alternatively, instead of selling your skills/knowledge, you can go for clothes (or any other merchandise). To be successful in this field, you only need to either possess strong connections or have an eye for clothes design 

The former people can simply use their acquaintances to get underpriced high-quality shirts or sweaters and then sell the merch to people from all over the world. The latter group will use their talent to create some unique prints on-demand and make them available worldwide through the online business. 

5 – Social Media Manager

Last but not least, we have decided to go with social media managers. You can have everything about your online business at a top-notch level, but you will struggle to survive in a harsh environment if you are not able to advertise it properly. Since we live in an era of huge social media networks, a person who would know how to manage them properly is practically a must. 

Many online business owners tend to underestimate the significance of social media management because it is a time-consuming and ever-changing activity. This is where a proper social media manager can make an enormous difference. Experienced social media managers are capable of taking a certain online business to a whole new level. If you put your analytics reports and social media graphics together into a “Startup Social Media Kit” or something similar, you will definitely catch the eye of any serious online business owner.   

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