Tips and History of Online Gambling


Online gambling has taken the world by storm, you don’t even have to get dressed and go down to the casino these days for the chance of winning life changing amounts of money, you can do it at home in your pajamas, at any time of the night or day.

Of course, on the flip side it means that you can also lose a considerable amount of money without so much as leaving your armchair. Millions of people, however, enjoy the chance of a flutter at small stakes without the risk of breaking the bank, and if you know your limits and as long as you don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose, you can have hours of excitement and fun.

If you don’t know the rules or strategies of any of the above games, but fancy a flutter anyway, there are no end of gaming websites which are only too happy to fill you in with the rules, the best casinos to play in and everything else you could possibly want to know about gambling online, For more details you can check on Frank Casino website:

How to Gamble Online

One thing which is pretty terrific is the fact that you’re often given the opportunity of gambling online without gambling, well, without risking any money that is. This is a great way for beginners to get a feel for it and get the hang of how it all works, without risking any of their hard earned cash and breaking the budget. You get the chance to polish up your gaming skills first, a bit like try before you buy. Do beware though, just because you’re on a winning streak when you’re not playing for real, it doesn’t mean that it will continue once you enter the real world of virtual online gambling.

Choosing Your Online Gambling Site

At the last estimate there are many gambling sites all competing for your business. While many of them may look the same, there are some differences which you need to be aware of. You should always be very careful about choosing your online gambling site. Well, nowadays many websites are offering decent welcome bonuses for the new players. Checkout our welcome offer at frank bonus.


Online casinos are self-regulated, and many of these casinos as offshore operations based somewhere where they’ll give you a license in exchange for a wad of cash – then leave you to get on with it. Check that your chosen casino is audited, and if they are a member of eCOGRA there are still no guarantees but a good chance that they do play fair.


Most reputable online casinos offer 24/7 toll free helplines and support. If none is offered, move on.

Getting Paid

It’s really easy to put your money into your eWallet and start to play, but very often getting your winnings out is a different matter. Make sure that you read all of their policies regarding payments before you give them any of your hard earned cash. 

History of Gambling

Gambling has existed since times immemorial. It is human nature to gamble, take risks and hope to win big and thus perhaps, is one sport that will continue to exist forever.

In ancient times, gambling took on different forms, whether it was wagering bets on who would win a war or chase down a wild boar the fastest. Then came other forms of primitive games including dice games which gave people an opportunity to take risks. Much later, the trend in card games gave way to roulette, sports bets and all the other gambling options we have today. All of these games had one common link – they were all games played by a group of people in one specific place.

This gave rise to casino games which came to be considered classy places to gamble in. They offered a glamorous and unique atmosphere in which to play with fellow gamblers.

All this changed with the advent of the Internet. In the mid-1990’s, the World Wide Web revolutionized the gambling world. With the help of technology, one could gamble anytime and from anywhere. Online gambling caught on like fire and is today one of the most prosperous online industries in the world with billions of dollars in revenue each year. The online gambling casinos offer multitude of games to suit every individual. They are safe, secure, convenient and easily accessible. The revenues from the online gambling industry have already crossed the $15 million mark and continue to rise.

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