Should You Use the Betting Strategies on Elk Studios Slots Games?


Elks Studios Slots Betting Strategies

Elk Studios has been in the online gaming industry for almost a decade. It has made its mark by producing a number of popular slots, such as Cygnus, Ecuador Gold, Electric Sam, Poltava, Taco Brothers: Saving Christmas, and more.

Aside from its unique games, Elk Studios has also gained attention for adding “betting strategies” to its slots. These strategies are akin to betting systems used in roulette and craps.

Most slot players don’t use betting systems. Instead, they just adjust the stake amounts every so often after spinning the reels for a while.

With that being said, are Elk Studios betting strategies worthwhile or completely unnecessary? 

I’ll answer this question while discussing more on Elk, how their slots betting systems work, and if they’re ultimately worth considering.

Elk Studios: Producing Entertaining Games Since 2013

Elk Studios launched in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2013. They initially operated out of a small office to little fanfare. However, they quickly made their mark after launching Electric Sam towards the end of 2013.

This 243-ways game revolves around a troll king who lights up his forest grove. Its unique theme and high-quality graphics made it an instant success. This is an example of how one good game can make an entire company successful overnight.

Elk didn’t wait long to launch their next hit. They produced another top slot with Taco Brothers in 2014. It’s a game that focuses on three brothers’ efforts to save their Mexican village from a corrupt captain.

Since this time, Elk Studios has continued churning out online slots. Here are some of their most popular slots to date.

  • Cygnus
  • Ecuador Gold
  • IO
  • Katmandu Gold
  • Micro Knights
  • Nitropolis
  • Platooners
  • Poltava
  • Sam on the Beach
  • Taco Brothers
  • Taco Brothers: Saving Christmas
  • Tahiti Gold
  • Wild Toro

How Do Elk Studios Betting Strategies Work?

Elk Studios introduced preset betting strategies in their slots a few years ago. They did so to provide an easier way to change bets without constantly making manual adjustments. After all, you might like changing wager sizes throughout the course of a session.

Thanks to Elk’s betting systems, you no longer have to manually adjust bets if you don’t feel like it. Instead, you can switch on a wagering strategy and let the software automatically change the bets.

These betting strategies can be based on the percentage of your bankroll, wins, or losses. They adjust your wagers based on patterns regarding one of these aspects.


You don’t need to stick with just one system either. Elk Studios slots provide the opportunity to switch strategies at any point.

Of course, you also have the option to not use any staking system at all. This route is preferable if you don’t want software choosing your wager sizes.

Available Betting Strategies

This developer features four total staking strategies. Elk Studios includes these systems in most of their games now. Here’s a closer look at how each wagering system works.

1 – Jumper

The Jumper system sees your bet increase one “level” following each win. It continues in this manner until reaching four levels above your base bet, topping out at 10x your original stake. 

Your bet size will remain at four levels above the base value until you finally lose. Your stake returns to the base level any time that you lose.

The Jumper is good for capitalizing on hot streaks. Given the volatility of slots, though, you won’t reach the four-level maximum very often. 

2 – Leveller

This betting strategy increases your wager by two levels following five consecutive losing rounds. It boosts your bet another two levels—four levels total (maxing out at 10x)—if you lose yet another five consecutive spins.

The Leveller keeps your bet at this amount until you finally net a win. Your stake returns to the base amount any time that you win.

Recommended Reading:

The Leveller system is similar to the famed Martingale betting strategy, which involves doubling your bets after every loss. But it’s less risky due to how it only raises your wagers after five straight losses.

3 – Booster

The Booster is much more in line with the aforementioned Martingale. It increases your bet by one level following every loss.

The Booster strategy continues in this manner until your wagers reach four levels above the base value (maxing out at 10x).

This system’s increases aren’t as sharp as the Leveller (two-level increases). Unlike the Leveller, though, it doesn’t wait until five losses before boosting wagers.

4 – Optimizer

Although not as frequently available, the Optimizer is perhaps the most-interesting of Elk’s betting strategies. 

Available on slots like DJ Wild and Poltava, it boosts or lowers wagers based on a percentage of your bankroll. This system provides different options that you can use to determine the percentage.

For Example

You might choose a setting that’s for low rollers. In this case, the bet increases won’t go up as rapidly. Your wager will rise and drop based on how your bankroll is faring.

Do Any of These Strategies Actually Help You Win More?

Elk studios put lots of time into coming up with these betting strategies. Their detailed systems seem like they could bring in profits.

But as with any betting strategy, Elk Studios’ systems aren’t any more likely to win in the long run than placing random wagers.

The key problem is that Elk’s betting strategies don’t overcome the house edge. Gaming sites still hold the advantage no matter which of the four strategies you apply.

Of course, the exciting part is that each strategy can help you go on a hot streak. For example, you might rack up big wins with the Jumper.

Over time, though, you’re not going to circumvent the house edge just by using a unique betting method. The odds don’t change no matter how much you vary wagers.

Should You Use Elk Studios’ Betting Systems?

If you’re using these betting systems in hopes of winning big profits, then you’ll be highly disappointed. As covered above, you’re not any more likely to win in the long run with Elk’s strategies.

Assuming you’re merely interested in these systems as a new way to play, though, then you should give them a try. You might appreciate the fresh approach to wagering.


All you need to do is select one of the strategies and start playing. The software will handle all of the bet variations.

With work, you might even go on a hot streak thanks to Elk Studios’ betting systems. After all, these strategies are designed to manipulate short-term results.

But in the end, these betting strategies are just like most betting systems. They can be fun to try, and they can even give you short-term wins from time to time. Still, they aren’t going to help you win.

In fact, if you want to try a betting system that wins a lot of the time, try the old Martingale system. It’s used mostly by roulette gamblers, and it wins more often than not. The issue is that when it does lose, you lose so much that it wipes out all of your previous wins.

If you want to try this system, find any wager that pays 1 to 1 when you win, make a small bet, and double your bet every time you lose. When you win, go back to making a small bet and start the series again.


In answer to the original question, no, Elk Studios’ betting strategies aren’t necessarily stupid. They provide a couple of advantages, including automatic bet changes and a unique way to play.

Ultimately, you’ll prefer changing bet sizes on your own the majority of the time. But you might also be in the mood for an entertaining strategy that’s handled for you. The Elk betting systems provide a fresh way of playing.

However, it’s important to realize that these staking strategies won’t overcome the house edge. Like any betting system, they ultimately fall short of circumventing the house advantage.

Provided you’re not expecting to win guaranteed profits, though, then you may appreciate using these strategies at the top online casinos every now and then.

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