Tips for Visiting the Las Vegas Winter Market


Las Vegas Winter Market

There are few retail events in the world as hyped and as highly anticipated as the Las Vegas Winter Market. In the towering World Market Center, this event brings homeware buyers and enthusiasts into town from every corner of the globe.

Yes, many people associate Las Vegas with casinos and nightlife and celebrity chef restaurants. But remember, there are nearly 20,000 conventions a year in town, and there are 42 million annual visitors that come for so much more than just roulette and poker.

The Winter Market, held every January, is the most rapidly growing décor market in the US. More than 50,000 furnishings and décor buyers from all over the world converge on this one building for three days.

This event is considered the ultimate bedding marketplace, but the offerings go far beyond the basics. There are permanent exhibits as well as all of the temporary showrooms put up by the vendors.

Cross-category Is the New Attraction

Cross-category items are the main draw, inspiring designers and property owners to change out, shift, upgrade in order to keep those five-star reviews from Conde Nast and other publications flowing in.

Hoteliers looking to furnish a new property would not miss the event, nor would restaurateurs wanting to upgrade their premises. Sellers of plant hangers and furniture and handwoven tapestries and the latest in espresso makers will also be on hand.

It isn’t the furnishings that attendees become most excited about, it is the emerging technology, the design trends that can refresh any site with minimal changes, and the way new fabrics, looks and textures are being leveraged to push design forward.


There are a few other large furnishings markets in the world, but this is the only major one in the American West. Thus, although you can have a somewhat similar experience in Atlanta or North Carolina, you won’t have Las Vegas just outside your door.

About the Winter Market

Wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers of all kinds of goods fly to Vegas from around the world. Here in Vegas, these professionals coalesce at the World Market Center, a five million square foot retail event space (that’s 16 floors, as a point of reference).

Here, these professionals (sellers at all levels, from giant furniture manufacturers to independent makers of handmade boutique items) show samples of everything from

It’s essentially a “furniture show,” but of galactic proportions. Think “housewares” to the nth level, such as gifts and gift packaging, throws, art, ottomans, sofas, vases, wine racks, boutique mannequins and more.

Add cocktail mixes, lamps, scarves, chips and artisanal dip, essential oils, linens, pictures and frames, ambient lighting, soaps…and you’ll have everything you need to open your dream inn.

Who Is Invited?

If you are a seller, you can register to become one of the thousands who show their wares here.

Instantly gain visibility, meet prospective clients and buyers and others in your field. Get ideas and generate some buzz for your own goods. Are they handmade? High tech? Feature natural dyes? Inspired by Picasso? Find what makes your work stand out, and then pay it the lip service it deserves.


Buyers and the general public are welcome to attend.  There is no cost to attend this utterly memorable event, but due to current health restrictions, registration is required.

Everyone interested in the furnishings and décor industry is welcome, and it provides a chance to network with tens of thousands of other enthusiasts, professionals and influencers.

Some of the big names that attend the event are as follows.

  • Safavieh
  • Master Shin’s Anvil
  • Marmalade of London
  • Ghirardelli

Handmade, hand-forged garden tools are set up side by side with modern wall art, gourmet spice mixes, and laser-cut dining tables.

How to Do Business at the Winter Market

There are several ways to make strong connections here.

You can apply to exhibit and showcase your goods in this busy space. Or, you can mingle and hand out business cards, even invite prospective collaborators for a drink.


You can also attend events that are closed to the general public if you are a vendor.

You could also invite potential clients to meet you at the Winter Market, where you can browse together, brainstorm, and perhaps agree to start a business endeavor with your new vision.

Explore Vegas

Yes, the Las Vegas Market is going to keep you on your feet all day. But don’t think you can go back to your hotel room and just watch television to decompress. Of course, you could. But you are in one of the most interesting and vibrant cities in the world; don’t you want to make the most of it?

Because Las Vegas is fairly compact, everything in town is an easy Uber or Lyft ride away. Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ restaurant on the Strip, inside of the Cromwell.

Wander through the Paris Hotel and Casino and have a cocktail in the open-air Eiffel Tower bar, then step into a pod on the High Roller observation wheel, and see Vegas and its surrounds from 55 stories high.

A Final Word

You only have a couple of opportunities a year to access the World Market Center in Las Vegas.

There is a Winter Market and a Summer Market. Each of these markets is held for just a few days only, and each provides access to nearly the entire World Market campus.

If you have any retail components to your business, are interested in entering the industry, or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, you can make a reservation and attend. If you also have a Las Vegas vacation on the horizon, you can combine the two for a refreshing winter weekend.

While you are in town, you can place your bets for Super Bowl at one of the many local sportsbooks (or one of the top-rated mobile sportsbooks that locals use.)

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