Top Betting Sites for the 2020 US Presidential Election


Best Betting Sites 2020 US Election

I have lived through several U.S. presidential administrations, and never have I seen a nation (and a planet) so utterly riveted by how the next election will turn out.

The 2020 US presidential election pits Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Interestingly, the “obvious” choice for leader of the free world does not depend on data and performance history, but on the brand of the news channel you are tuned into.

Before the current Trump administration, US media agencies had paid lip service to neutrality. Now, the look and feel of “state-run” television—on both sides of the aisle—has jettisoned the pretense of balanced reporting.

What does this mean for the bettor? It means that despite the fact that half of the country will be in deep shock come dawn on November 4th (the day after the election) you can still come out ahead if you wager correctly, no matter who is your preferred choice for POTUS.

Here are the best sites for betting on the presidential election online. These sites have been handpicked for their odds, ease of use, and well-vetted history of integrity and security.

MyBookie: Solid Odds and Fun POTUS Prop Bets

When I first discovered MyBookie and used the site to wager on horse races and UFC matches, I was pleased to find that the site is easy to navigate. Equally as important, any funds you win show up quickly in your account.

When you open up the site, you will see four categories you can explore.

  • Sportsbook
  • Live Betting
  • Casino
  • Racing

To place a wager on the election, you will go into the “Sportsbook” section. (I am sure there is a rather droll metaphor here—that the POTUS odds are listed alongside college football and UFC Fight Island bets—but I am too busy to put my finger on it.)


At MyBookie, not only can you bet on the winner of the election, but you can also bet on several interesting side bets, which bookies call “prop bets.”

For instance, using this particular gambling site, you can also wager on whether or not Trump will mention NFL coach Mike Holmgren in a tweet, which candidate will win the popular vote, and even on which day the loser will concede the election.

It’s not hard to see why this is one the best sites for betting on the presidential election.

Keep in mind that every bookmaker (i.e. betting website or in-person sportsbook) will have their own odds, and their own prop bets. Winning bettors have accounts at multiple betting sites, and always check the various odds before placing their wager.

Also, odds can change from day to day, hour to hour, within the same sportsbook!

BetNow: Precision Odds Plus In-House Contests

BetNow is also offering the chance to wager on the presidential election. They are constantly recalculating and updating the odds on the election.

Betnow is generous with their promotions. The site is currently running a 100% sign up bonus and is also offering a cashback reward for referring friends to the site.

Like the MyBookie opportunities to bet on the 2020 POTUS election, discussed above, at BetNow you can bet on the winner of the election as well as on a number of entertaining prop bets (in case the election itself isn’t entertaining enough!)

As with most of the top political gambling sites, this site is actually primarily focused on sports.

After the election, return to BetNow to check out their NFL bet “contests,” in which your own skill in choosing teams’ chances is tested and may be richly rewarded.

If MLB is more your thing, BetNow also offers a Grand Slam Contest that rewards baseball fans who correctly select that week’s straight-up winners from all 28 pro baseball games.

Bovada: User-Friendly and World-Class Wagering Options

Bovada is one of the most popular online gambling sites around, and for good reason. Among other this, their prop bets are always cutting edge and timely.

For instance, one of Bovada’s prop bets allows you to vote on Nevada’s electoral vote. Until the POTUS election four years ago, when electors decided the presidency, as opposed to the popular vote, this would not have been a juicy prop bet. But now? Very much so!

Bovada, like many of the other presidential election betting sites listed here, accepts Bitcoin. And why wouldn’t they? The security and privacy inherent in this cryptocurrency benefits both you and Bovada. So, if you want to bet on the election and you have some Bitcoin to deposit, this is your opportunity.

Online gambling sites often offer promos for depositing Bitcoin, to encourage you to use this type of currency. The sites saves time and money from not having to deal with credit card companies, bank wire transfers, and the like.

Bovada is already running odds for the 2024 U.S. presidential election! So, if the election this year breaks your heart, keep in mind that some people are already thinking about the next one.

Xbet: Friendly Sportsbook, Zero Intimidation Factor

I insist that any website that wants my return business be clean and easy to navigate. XBet fits the bill perfectly, and the presidential election odds are easy to find and understand.

As with all of the other real money gambling sites listed here, Xbet has their POTUS bets on their Sportsbook page. I am telling you this so you will know exactly where to go when you place your bets on the presidential election.


As noted above, all of the top sites for betting on the 2020 US presidential election allow you to choose and bet on the winner of the election (naturally), but the prop bets at each site will vary.

Whether Biden will wear a mask onstage was a presidential debate wager at Xbet, as was the first word Biden would say when he got on stage at the debate.

If you are not having fun already, then you may not be paying attention.

To recap: Xbet has important bets, entertaining bets, and wonderful site architecture.

BetOnline: POTUS + UFC + NASCAR = Betting on America

On BetOnline’s sportsbook page, nestled between martial arts and tennis, you will find political betting. BetOnline calls these bets “political futures,” and it is a small drop-down menu once you click on “Politics.”

You can bet on the winner of the 2020 presidential election, as with all of the online betting sites listed, but you can also choose to bet on the senate race for each state, how many viewers will tune in to the presidential debate, whether Antifa or QAnon will be mentioned first, and a number of other interesting options.

While checking out BetOnline’s presidential and senate bets, you may also want to click on the baseball tab, since the World Series is happening concurrently with the presidential race. Bet on the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the LA Dodgers, or any other matchup that “strikes” you. Come for the Election, Stay for the Live Dealer Roulette

Many casino players turn to this site because it allows you to play roulette and other casino games with live dealers, all from the comfort of your own bathrobe.

But of course, I am sure we will all dress up appropriately and respectfully to bet on the 2020 US presidential election! (Er…or not.)

On to the wagers! All of the options are laid out cleanly on SportsBetting, as are the associated odds.


Aside from the chance to wager on the next POTUS, one of the most attractive features of SportsBetting is the Esports tab among the betting options.

Pop quiz: do you know who TeamOne, eclipse, Incognito and/or the Rugratz are? If so, you can bet on their counter-strike performance. You know, just in case the “reality” of the election sends you running for other worlds.

Closing Thoughts

We live in fascinating times. You can ignore the news, read the news, or stay informed and wager on current events.

The third option is by far the most interesting, and these top sites for betting on the presidential election have you covered.

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