Top Online Casinos in Canada and How to Find Them


If you love playing in online casinos and if you are from Canada, then this article will certainly be interesting and informative for you. Today thousands of Canadians spend their time playing different types of online gambling games. Many of them are also into online sports betting and hope to have some fun and maybe make some money betting for their favorite teams and players. However, it is a known fact that there are thousands of online casinos that are used by Canadians. Hence, choosing the right outlet is not easy. It requires quite a bit of researching and gathering as much information as one wants. In this we will be spending quite a bit of time identifying the best online casino outlets in Canada. However, before doing it, we also would be looking at some of the main points that one should bear in mind before identifying an online gambling and casino unit in Canada. In fact, the tips that are being shared below are applicable to casinos across the world and perhaps Canada in particular.

Does the Casino Accept Players from Canada?

Before signing up and depositing money in any online casino, please make sure that the casino in question accepts players from the country you are residing in. Since we are talking about Canada in this article, make sure that the casino you want to be associated with, accepts players from Canada. You should bear in mind that there are many countries that do not allow online casinos for all countries to operate in their respective territories. 

This is important because some online casinos will allow you to register yourself and make the first deposit. You can perhaps play a few online gambling games. However, when it comes to getting your winning amount, and if you are from a country where a certain online casino is restricted, then you certainly have a big problem in hand. Hence, it would be better to always look for online casinos that are genuine, open and transparent about their legalities and their position as far as attracting customers from a specific country like Canada. You can find many ways of getting access to this information for example just look at, or the online casino sites themselves state about this fact quite clearly.

Always Check on the Reputation of the Online Casino Sites

It may not always be possible to know about the reputation, reliability and trustworthiness of an online casino. There are literally thousands of online casinos across the world and few hundreds keep getting to the list every day. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Therefore, you can be sure about the legitimacy and the track record of the online outlet only when you play some games, win some money and be sure that the winning amount is transferred to your bank account.

You have to be aware of the various methods in which some dishonest online casinos operating from Canada try and cheat their customers. They may not be willing to pay the 100% winnings that are legitimately the customers. They may cite some weird reason for not paying the full amount. Many of them ask you to plough back a major part of your winnings and play a few more games before you are allowed to cash out. Some online casinos also have some crazy small withdrawal limits when it comes to your genuine winnings.

Check the License of the Casino

No online casinos can operate without a license. License ensures that the online casino concerned is regulated by one of the countries anywhere in the world. If a casino has to operate in an online atmosphere in a particular country, then it should have the license to operate in that specific country. Licenses are also given by a country or by a particular jurisdiction. For example, some countries like the UK and Belgium, offer a jurisdiction such as Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. This makes it possible to operate globally.

Licensing helps a lot because if a player feels that he or she has been cheated of their winnings, they can ask the regulator to take action against the specified online casino outlet. All casino outlets are controlled by a regulator. Good regulators will take the complaint of the customer seriously and if the customer is right, the regulator may force the operators to compensate the payment that he or she is genuinely due to them.

How stable is the online casino financially?

Players try their luck in Canada and other places with online casinos with the main purposes of having fun and winning some money. However, before getting into serious gambling, you must try and find out the financial stability of the casino outlet. They must be able to honor the winnings of the customers and in case the winnings are big, is the online casino financially strong enough to honor its commitment to the customers?. Do the site offer responsible gambling. These are a few things that you must ask before you choose an online casino.

Games offered, Languages & Support Services

Apart from the above, there are a few more things to be considered when as a Canadian you are choosing an online casino outlet. Please check on the type and variety of games offered, the languages in which the games are offered and last but not the least the kind of support services that they are known to offer.

There are other things such as bonuses, payout history and percentages and a few other things that could help to differentiate a good casino company from a not so good one.

Researching, gathering information, visiting community sites and talking to friends and relatives are perhaps the most common ways by which one can identify a good casino site from the not so good ones. 

Let us now look at some of the top online casinos that cater to customers in Canada:

Spin Casino

This is considered to be one of the best online casinos in Canada. It has a win rate of around 97.45% and the payout speed is also quite impressive at 2 days maximum. It has the best of support services. Further, there are a few more reasons for this casino becoming so very famous. It offers a wide variety of games and according to some estimates the numbers are in excess of 700. It also has a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, making it quite easy for players. The best thing is that Spin Casino has a record of paying out roughly around $5 million dollars per day. All these when looked at in totality, go a long way in making it a preferred destination for thousands of Canadians who love playing various gambling games in an online environment.


Jackpot City Casino

With a bonus offer of CA$1,600, many are of the opinion that Jackpot City Casino is a reliable, exciting and popular online casino outlet in Canada. There are a few interesting things that perhaps make it quite different from many other such casinos in the country. Their payout speed is one of the best. In most cases they try to ensure payment to the customers within 1 day and in case they fail to do so, the payments get transferred to the accounts of the customers the second day. With a win rate of 97.98%, customers can most certainly aspire to win something and break even. If fortune favors you some day, you can be sure of winning big money and the casino loves honoring the commitment of such players almost immediately.


Ruby Fortune Casino

You could also try out Ruby Fortune Casino because it also has some impressive track record as far as the main attributes and factors are concerned. They offer a free bonus of $750 for each sign up with the initial deposits. The payout speed is also comparable to the best and is supposed to be within 1 to 2 days. With a win rate of around 97.58% Ruby Fortune Casino continues to be amongst the top in the list. The support services they offer to the clients are also quite impressive. Customers can contact the service provider either through chat, mail or by phone.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is also quite famous amongst thousands of Canadian online casino players. This is because they are known to offer one of the highest bonuses. The bonus amount is around $1750 and the payout speed is also quite impressive with around 1 to 2 days. They also have a wonderful collection of games covering the specific needs and requirements of the clients. On the whole, those who have tried out Betway Casino have quite a few good things to say about them.

Jackpot Paradise Casino

They offer an nice CA$200 welcome deposit bonus. Though the payout speed is around 3 days, it is still comparable to the best in the industry. The win rate of 97.99% is also worth mentioning and the customer services and the number of games that they offer are also quite impressive.

Is it time to play?

While there is no doubt that thousands of Canadians are hooked to online casinos, not many of them are able to make big money. This is because of the wrong choice of casinos, not having the right knowledge and of course not being fortunate enough. While the last attribute is not within the control of the players, the other two are very much in their control and they should ensure that they are well educated, informed and knowledgeable.

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