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Up Your Game with These 3 Rummy Tricks


Up Your Game with These 3 Rummy Tricks

Do you often find yourself wondering if you had played a different move, you would’ve won the rummy online game? Find yourself introspecting about a game you played ages ago where your opponent made a very smart move and won the game? Just like life, even the game of rummy requires introspection and learning. But unlike life, you can learn how to win the game of Indian rummy. Today we will be sharing 3 awesome rummy tricks with you that will not only help you play well in your next game but also leave your opponents appreciating your moves. 

The Order Matters 

Try your best to arrange your cards according to their suits, i.e. Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. We see this as a fundamental approach that every player should follow. After this, the next step should be to segregate the cards according to their colours (red and black). This gives you  a very clear idea of what you’ve got in your hand and takes much less time when you want to make your move. This visualization prevents you from discarding a card that could be useful. 

Discard High Cards

If you swear by this rule, you’ll always save some bucks even if you lose the game. If the game of rummy had a holy book, the first teaching would be to discard the high value cards early on because if your opponent outwits you, at least it will not be as heavy on your wallet. But this goes with the universal saying “Patience is the key.” Don’t hurry to discard all your higher valued cards, which could lead your opponent to just pick them up and win the game real quick. Think, make a strategy and then implement it. 

One Eye on Your Cards, the Other on the Opponents

You must have often heard people say, “Take care of your house, but always pay attention to your neighbours.” Apply this to your game as well. Focus on your cards but do not lose track of your opponents’ moves, because the ultimate goal is not to just form sequences and sets; it is to win against your opponents. See what your opponents are discarding and picking up. If one of your opponents has picked up the 5 of Diamonds, for example, discarding the 6 or 4 of Diamonds or the 5 of any other suit might cost you the game. 

Those were some tips we’ve collected over the years. If there are any other that you feel we have missed out on or that have been used in your family for ages, share them with us in the comments section below!

Happy gaming! ? 

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