Most Notable Losses In Sports Betting


Are you a fan of sports betting? Millions of people across the globe enjoy placing wagers on their favorites sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, and the World Cup. These individuals find sports betting as a way to enhance the games in more ways than one. If you have not taken advantage of the local and online sportsbooks, you are missing out on many money-making opportunities. Unfortunately, not every wager is guaranteed to earn a big profit. But, if you do not play, you will never know if your wagers will be winners or losers.

David “Vegas Dave” Oancea was highly known in the sports betting world for making risky wagers. While many of David’s wagers earned a decent profit, one particular wager cost him $1 million. This wager was placed on former UFC fighter Miesha Tate. Fans refer to the former champion as “Cupcake,” which is why Oancea’s $1 million-loss was deemed “Cupcake.”

Oancea experienced the loss during a UFC event in 2016. It is unclear whether Oancea had enough cash on hand to cover the loss or if he had to borrow the money from friends and family members. But, one thing is for sure, many of Oancea’s fans continue to monitor his sports betting wagers because another major loss is probably in his future.

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Michael Jordan is mostly known for his unforgettable NBA career. Most young male basketball fans refer to Jordan as “the greatest NBA player of all time.” And, experts could not agree more. One of Jordan’s failures that most of his fans are not even aware of is a $1.2 million-betting loss. It appears Jordan spent 10 days playing golf with wealthy business professional Richard Esquinas.

On and off during the 10-day golfing spree, Jordan placed wagers on specific plays that ended costing him $300,000. Rumor has it that Esquinas took it easy on Jordan because they were great friends at the time. Esquinas reduced Jordan’s $1.2-million debt by $900,000.

Jordan should be thankful he wasn’t utilizing a professional sportsbook service because he would not have gotten such a break.

Some people just cannot get enough of their favorite sports. To enhance their sports viewing, these fans combine viewing with wagering. This is a great way to make the games more exciting. While you are watching a sporting event, your mind will be wondering if your wager will earn a win or loss.

One particular sports fan that comes to mind is British gentleman Steven Richards. During a Rugby match, Richards placed a $13 wager on Wales. After several wagers, Richards racked in a total of $52,800. Not many rugby fans can repeat the same story. But, they will admit to having losses and wins. But, the losses are not enough to deter them from further sports betting.

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