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Once upon a time, there was a couple who had a dream. The couple had a Shiba Inu that they loved madly, and their dream was to immortalise their beloved pet.

The couple concocted a fantastic idea – They would create a crypto casino that featured their Shiba as the hero. This way, the whole world could fall in love with their pup, just like they did. Thus, Kryptosino.com was born, and I took my place as Brain of Operation!

Hi, I’m Super Shiba, head of Kryptosino, a fantastic crypto casino with an innovative and user-friendly design. I’m here to give you infinite love, affection, loyalty and many cash rewards.

Born to a noble Russian family, I had the chance to live the ultimate high life. What more could a top dog want than to rub shoulders with celebs, socialise with aristocrats, and spend all day sampling the tastiest treats? Instead, adventure called when I spotted what Dogecoin was up to in the world of crypto and beyond. Now I’m making my mark on the blockchain at Kryptosino, and I’d love for you to join me!

What Super Shiba Has to Offer

 Did you know that the Shiba Inu can be a tough nut to crack? We won’t easily let you in, but you’ll be in our hearts forever once we do. That’s exactly what I want players at Kryptosino to experience with all of the fantastic features on offer.

When you play at Kryptosino, you’ll feel pampered and appreciated with instant withdrawal, no verification, 24/7 live chat customer support, and so much more. I can’t forget to mention our exclusive wager-free welcome bonus and 40% cashback on all bets. But that’s not where the rewards and fun stops! I’ve made sure that every player can be rewarded on a regular basis with no fuss.

I know you want the best casino games, and that’s why I’ve jammed more than 5000 online slots, table games, crash games, live casino games, and more into my game library! You’ll be spoiled for choice from the second you sign up for an account. Plus, I’m always looking for new releases to add each month, so you’ll never run out of new and exciting ways to play. Take your pick of the best software providers in the business, including Betsoft, Hacksaw Gaming, iSoftBet, Microgaming, and many more.

Don’t miss out on cash prizes up for grabs daily, weekly, and monthly. The rewards never stop when you’re a Kryptosino customer, which is why I made sure our loyalty program is one of the best around. You can look forward to rakeback bonuses, cashback rewards, rank up bonuses, and an exciting leaderboard. If you climb our player ranks to the very top, you’ll receive up to $1.8 million in rewards!

Looking for something more exclusive? The VIP Club is the perfect place to be when you’re in need of a more prestigious way to play. Available by invite only, you’ll have a VIP manager, massive cashback bonuses, and special offers that only VIP players can enjoy. Whether you’re a loyal player or a VIP Club regular, I’ve made sure that you never miss out on collecting something special.

Kryptosino VIP Club

Fortunately, Kryptosino’s VIP program has everything a highroller player would need and much more. Membership in Kryptosino’s VIP Club comes with an individually tailored benefits package for each member, with exclusive gifts and bonuses. The existing Cashback feature is given an extra boost, letting you cash out up to 40% of your bets’ house edge value. You are also assigned a personal VIP manager who will be there to help you on each step of your journey to success. Some features that are offered by other casinos as part of their VIP program, such as the lack of a deposit limit, are available on Kryptosino even for non-VIP accounts.

To become a part of Kryptosino’s VIP Club, you just need to keep playing until you reach a milestone lifetime wager that will qualify you as a VIP player. When that happens, the Kryptosino staff will contact you, present you with your uniquely tailored VIP package, and explain all the details that your new status entails.

What Advantages Do VIP Crypto Players Have?

Some of the biggest advantages of being a VIP player on Kryptosino come from the fact that Kryptosino is a crypto casino. While crypto casinos offer many benefits over traditional online casinos for regular players too, they are especially worthwhile if you are a VIP bitcoin player or a VIP crypto player in general. These advantages include:

  1. Full anonymity. Many gamblers prefer to keep their hobby private, but if you’re a highroller it may be especially wise to keep it away from prying and potentially malicious eyes. While many traditional online casinos allow their players to shield their identity from the public, crypto casinos such as Kryptosino take it a major step further. Since all transactions are made through a crypto wallet, there is no need for any sort of ID verification, card confirmations, or KYC checks. Any personal data is protected by TLS and SSL encryption technologies. At Kryptosino, highroller bitcoin players and other highroller crypto players who want an extra guarantee for their anonymous status may freely use a VPN, since the site is 100% VPN-friendly.
  2. No intermediate party. You get to control your money deposits and withdrawals directly, with no interference from banks, money transfer services, or any other intermediaries. This is useful in terms of speed, convenience, and privacy.
  3. Instant transfers. The lack of intermediaries also allows for easy and instant transfers. Most transfers should take no more than a couple of minutes, allowing you to keep playing without worrying about waiting for your money to transfer.
  4. Payment flexibility. At Kryptosino, you may use over a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance, Monero, Tron, Tether, Dash, Dogecoin, Zcash, and BitcoinCash, to make your deposits and withdrawals. If you have no cryptocurrencies at hand, there is no need to worry – Kryptosino’s built-in cryptocurrency store allows you to buy crypto at great rates, with no transaction fee.
  5. No deposit limit. Crypto casinos tend to be way more flexible than traditional online casinos when it comes to their deposit limits, which is crucial for highroller players who constantly make high deposits. At Kryptosino, there is no deposit limit even for non-VIP players, letting you bet as much and at any time you want to. If you’d still prefer to have an upper deposit limit as a safeguard, you may set your own custom deposit limit in your account settings menu.
  6. No taxation on wins. Taxes on gambling wins can reach fairly devastating sums if you’re a highroller, sometimes making you lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per big win. Crypto casino wins made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are generally tax-free on acquisition, although this may vary depending on your jurisdiction. You may still have to pay appropriate taxes upon selling your crypto wins.

How Do You Become a VIP Crypto Player?

To become a Kryptosino VIP player and reap all the benefits of being a highroller in a crypto casino, such as the ability to win millions while staying 100% anonymous, you need to invest a big enough lifetime wager. While this sounds relatively straightforward, there are a few ways you can do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Bet high stakes. Although this might sound obvious at first, the tricky part comes from choosing games that allow you to bet high. The best choice for this purpose is to play table games or slots with high betting thresholds.
  2. Seek out games with a low house edge. While a good part of the losses caused by a high house edge is mitigated by our Rakeback and Cashback bonuses, even a small fraction of a single percent may make a big difference in the long run, especially if playing for high stakes. You should ideally choose games with a house edge lower than 2%, such as most variants of Blackjack or Baccarat.
  3. Play regularly. Players who log in and make wagers on a regular – ideally daily – basis are at an advantage because they can cash out Cashback bonuses and run for top leaderboard places more frequently. More frequent bonuses are especially useful.
  4. Take advantage of any bonus offers. The 100% first-deposit bonus is especially helpful to start with, but other bonuses can also make a world of difference, particularly cash bonuses. Everybody loves free cash, right?

Don’t be late – Join the Super Shiba family today and be rewarded every day.

Stay safe, and see you soon!

Super Shiba

Brain of Operation at Kryptosino

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