Why 918Kiss Most Famous Mobile Slot Platform


 or formerly known as SCR888 is the hottest slot games platform in Thailand with more than a million downloads in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. It offers the players with the most diverse selection of games with attractive game interface and stunning game effects. However, it only operates through its own application so it is a must to download and install their mobile app to enjoy the full experience.

The best thing about mobile slots is that players can access anytime and anywhere without any constraints of location and time as long as there is a mobile device with internet connection. The requirement for installation is quite low compared to most of the slot games available today with a minimum of 1.2 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM. The latest smartphones today are definitely compatible with their current specs, tripled than the minimum requirement.

You will be surprised by the variety of games available in 918Kiss, there are more than 80 slot games with unique themes and each game has its own unique graphics and gameplay. The diversity allows the player to enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. For example, One of the hottest games is Boy’s King Treasure, filled with the mysterious vibe of ancient Egypt with 5 rotating wheels and over 20 paylines. For many people, slot games are easy to learn and even easier to play, you will get the hang of it by giving a few spins. 918Kiss allows pay line features from 243 up to 1024 ways to win with most of the slot games having their own progressive jackpots which are divided into 3 types – minor, major and grand. 

Playing a mobile game is not just about the content, sometimes stunning visual effects will be impressive for most people. 918Kiss is designed with detailed graphics and customized background music according to the theme to give the best slot experience to its players. Both the graphic and sound are perfectly matched by its theme to provide the best enjoyment and excitement.

The betting system is extremely simple. Your account will hold the credit that you have deposited through a website or an agent, and your account credit will be transferred to the game upon entering instantly. 918Kiss is also famous for its good odds and high winning rates. That is why many players are still supporting the game even though there are similar platforms in the market with better graphics or more game choices. It also has a hidden loyalty feature in the game for loyal players who play very frequently. The loyalty will be given in a form of digital red packet that pops out once you enter the game. The amount will be random up to thousands of points that is worth a few hundred or even thousand dollars. Also, there is a high chance of getting jackpots compared to other platforms.

918Kiss has lower downtime compared to the others. However, most of its downtime is just regular maintenance to keep the สูตรรูเล็ต excel game at its best condition and smooth playing experience. As one of the most reputable and largest slot games in Asia, it was created in 2006 by a Malaysian and later rebranded themselves to 918Kiss in 2018. This highly optimized platform is now available on both Android and iOS devices

For slot game lovers, 918Kiss offers slots pay lines from 9, 15, 20, 25, 50 and even up to 100 pay lines in certain slot games. One of their most unique games is Ocean King, it is not considered a slot game because there are no reels to spin. The game is commonly known as a 3D shooting game with setting in the sea and players will use cannons to try to catch the fishes. Different sizes of fish like คาสิโนออนไลน์ ฟรี will have different values, so the bigger fish you caught, the higher value you will get. The total payout will be based on the each canon that you release. Each cannon is considered as one single bet and the amount you bet in the cannon that caught the fish will return the winnings to you based on the fish value. For example, a golden white fish has the value of 80 times, so if you caught that fish with a cannon value of one dollar, you will get 80 dollars in return. The game is fun, chaotic and extremely intense. There are also special weapon add-ons similar to free games in slot games such as crab bombs, drill cannon, fish vortex and laser cannon allowing you to deal AOE damage to all the fishes. Normally it takes longer time and more cannon to catch the big fish, this game is also about patience and luck. 

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