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Why Rummy is a Skill Game & Not a Game of Chance


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Rummy game of skill

Rummy is a skill game that requires you to arrange cards into required combinations to win. The game tests various cognitive skills of the player such as logical thinking and decision making. However, there are many misconceptions about rummy card games. Many players consider it as a game of chance or luck. 

To clear the air, rummy has been declared as a game of skill by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Players can be successful at the game only when they have strong knowledge of the rummy rules and concepts. Let us break the stereotype and understand why rummy is considered a skill game.

Skills and strategies

Indian rummy is one of the few card games that require skills to ace the game. It is usually played by two to six players using one or two standard card decks. Each player is dealt 13 cards and they work to create sequences, or sequences and sets. The player who arranges the cards first and makes a valid declaration wins the game. 

It is possible to win in a game of rummy only when you have a strong knowledge of the game rules, strategies and a lot of practice. When the cards are dealt, players should have the expertise to identify the type of hand they have received and devise a plan to create the required combinations. Skills and strategies go hand-in-hand in rummy games. Hence, this eliminates the room for luck or chance to play a dominant role in the outcome of the game. It is, therefore, important to brush up your rummy skills before playing any cash games.

Critical reasoning

One of the best things about rummy card games is that it tests your critical reasoning skills. Critical thinking allows you to evaluate, conceptualize and build the right strategy during the game. The moment you get your cards, you should be able to analyze them well and formulate the right strategies to create the required combinations. The game also requires you to make right decisions in a limited time frame. Critical reasoning is an important part of the decision-making process and it requires your brain to think clearly. 

Sharp memory

In online rummy, each player gets 13 cards in their hand. Players need to create combinations by drawing and discarding cards from the open and closed piles placed on the table. Expert players often keep an eye on every move of their opponents and memorize the cards drawn or discarded by them. This tactic often proves to give players an upper hand over their opponents.

Patience and perseverance

Rummy also tests players’ patience and perseverance. If you wish to become an expert at rummy, you must be patient and not lose your calm, especially when you don’t get all the desired cards. Online rummy is completely random and it is quite unlikely that you get all the viable cards in hand. So it is quite natural to lose your calm and drop the game. However, dropping out is certainly not the option here. You must analyze your cards and make an informed decision before choosing to drop from the game.

We hope that this makes it clear that rummy is indeed a skill game and not a game of chance. If you want to become successful at rummy, you should work on improving your gaming skills. We encourage you to play practice games and brush up your skills to win amazing prizes. Junglee Rummy offers unlimited access to practice games that can be played using free chips. Once you feel confident about your game, you can try playing cash games and participate in exciting tournaments, where you can win lakhs and crores of rupees in prizes. Download the app now and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250! Happy gaming!



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