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The last day of April is here… and while there are numerous esports betting opportunities for us to explore, it’s time to take a look at the grand scheme of things and check out what awaits in May! Yessir, as the title suggests, we’re here to talk about esports betting in May 2021! This has become sort of like a series we do here. So, if you’re planning on placing a few esports bets in May, you’re at the right place!

Most Notable Esports Events to Bet On in May 2021

I get it, I get it… You guys are looking for esports events to bet on this month. No worries, your burning cravings for esports betting in May ought to be appropriately soothed by the following esports contests:

DreamHack Masters Spring

DreamHack Masters Spring started the last week of April, but it’s listed because it stretches out to May 9th. We’ve already splashed through the first two days of the competition, but there’s plenty more left to unfold. The group stage isn’t done yet; there are still a few more promising clashes ready to pan out!

What’s so special about this one?

Well, not only do CSGO bookmakers offer a plethora of betting opportunities, but the teams typically bring forth their best gameplay for top-tier events such as this one. Not to mention there’s $250,000 on the line as well as $250,000 in total prize money.

Who should you bet on here? Well, as far as esports betting in May goes, betting on DH Masters Spring is a proper banger. As for the most notable sides, I reckon the likes of and G2 ought to have excellent value in the playoffs.

Flashpoint Season 3

The third season of B Site’s Flashpoint series is just around the corner! However, the newest iteration is set to bring forth massive changes to the event’s concept. It’s not exactly for the better, but it’s not bad either. Here’s everything you need to know about betting on Flashpoint Season 3:

For starters, you’re not betting on a highly lucrative event. Nosir – the first two Flashpoint iterations had absolutely massive prize pools. That’s all changing now. While we don’t know what the prize pool is going to be, I doubt it’s going to be above $500,000.

“[W]e’re excited to increase the quality of competition in Flashpoint while continuing our high standards for production and content.” – @MonteCristo

Check out our official press release on Flashpoint 3!

— Flashpoint (@Flashpoint) April 11, 2021

On the bright side, the third season of Flashpoint will be a proper European RMR event with 1600 points as the main prize. We already know all sixteen participants, and let’s just say the list features teams that will not disappoint us.

The third season of Flashpoint starts on May 10th, the very next day after DH Masters Spring, and is set to last through May 30th. Yep, Flashpoint S3 is what 2021 May CSGO is going to be all about. If you’re interested in betting on CSGO this month, this is what you should start exploring!

Dota Pro Circuit 2021 S2

April was pretty good for Dota 2 esports scene. We saw the final matches of the ONE Esports Singapore Major, with Invictus taking the title in the end. May, however, doesn’t have a single massive event like that. Instead, it’s just DPC business as usual. China, North America, Europe… just to name a few regions. The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 S2 is in full flow; bookies are doing decent coverage so you should be all set to make your mark this month!

Mid-Season Invitational 2021

It’s finally here, boys and girls, the event that’s going to shape our esports betting in May! The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is just a couple of days away, and it’s set to feature 11 regional champions! Most reputable esports betting sites have had outright odds for 2021 MSI for quite a while now. It’s not too late to get your wagers in. DWG KIA are the heavy favorites, followed closely by Royal Never Give Up. However, if you love a good underdog story, betting on Cloud9 here yields +1600.

The location is Reykjavik, Iceland. More precisely, the gorgeous Laugardalsholl Sports Center which typically hosts sports events but will undergo a drastic transformation for the upcoming esports events. Yes, events – that was not a typo. In addition to the 2021 MSI, Laugardalsholl Sports Center will also host the highly-anticipated Valorant Stage 2 Masters. More on that one coming right up!

RLCS Season X Spring Majors

Rocket League Championship Series is coming back! Season X Spring Majors are here; European, North American, Oceanic, and South American Majors all start this month!

The Oceanic iteration starts today, followed by the SAM event next weekend. Then we’re in for the grand finals; EU Major starts on the 15th and NA Major starts on the 22nd.  Four weekends, four splendid Rocket League Major Championships featuring the world’s best teams and players. Unfortunately, the RLCS scene is losing betting demand, meaning you might have issues finding long-term wagers. But, as far as match-winners are concerned, you should be all good.

Six Invitational 2021

We’re for real here, guys! Six Invitational 2021 is actually going to happen! The event which was first scheduled for February is now scheduled to start on May 11th. The show will go on till May 23rd, and follow the stories of 20 participants fighting for $1 million grand prize. There’s $3 million in total prize money, meaning all 20 teams have something to play for here.

Palais Brongniart in Paris Will Host the Tac-Fps Festival This Month!

The offline event initially had to be canceled due to France closing its borders… but now that the issue has been resolved, the stage is finally set! Mind you, this is the first LAN R6 event since the start of the pandemic… it ought to bring special emotion to these players, it ought to spark that extra bit of fire!

VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters

Valorant Champions Tour is finally going international! This is, ladies and gentlemen, the first real international event within Riot Games’ Valorant ecosystem! The Stage 1 Masters panned out in a regional format, but here comes the real deal… the event that ought to break records as far as esports betting in May is concerned!

As mentioned earlier, Reykjavik, Iceland is the location of this one. The Laugardalsholl Sports Center is the venue, the same one that’ll be used for the upcoming League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. We’re finally going to see real NA vs. EU vs. SK clashes… we’re finally going to see just how good some of these teams are, which means we’re in for properly valuable bets. Plus, regional rivalries are about to get formed, so make sure you buckle up ahead of this one!

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