The 6 Types of Slot Players You’ll Encounter at Casinos


Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular type of casino game in existence as more people play slots than any other card or machine-based game. Every year, millions of people are drawn to slot machines for a variety of reasons.

Slots are easy to play, and there are typically plenty of machines to choose from. Additionally, slot players can easily control how much or how little money they decide to put on each spin.

In other words, slots are great for all types of gamblers, regardless of their income or skill level.

Because of that, there are plenty of different people you may come across when you’re playing slots. If you plan on playing slots when you go to the casino, it’s important to note what lies in store.

Here are the six types of slot players that you’re sure to encounter at the casino.

1 ‒ The First-Time Gambler

First-time gamblers are often immediately drawn to playing real money slot machines. As you might already know, slots are the easiest game to play in casinos and are the first machine most gamblers will stumble upon when they walk in.

Not only that, but many slot machines are visually stimulating which can capture gambler’s attention. Gambling can be difficult for first-timer gamblers and slots offer a perfect escape from the craziness in most casinos.

Because of this, new players are easy to spot when strolling through the rows of slot machines.


These players are often slightly tentative in their approach to gambling. Many settle on slots because they have no idea what they’re doing and simply want to stay out the way of other gamblers.

Some might take a stab at playing table games like poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. However, when they realize that these games are slightly demanding they can scamper back to slots.

When you’re playing other games it’s hard to keep your head on straight and keep up with the pace of play. Additionally, it’s hard to play when you feel the eyes of other gamblers on you.

If you want to gamble, but are scared of playing games with other, more experienced, and even judgemental gamblers, slots are a fantastic option.

2 ‒ The “Professional” Slot Player

Slot machines are incredibly polarizing in the gambling community.

Some people tolerate them and acknowledge their place in the world of gambling, others hate them. Then, there are those gamblers who are passionate about them and consider themselves to be experts when it comes to slot machines.

However, banking on slots to pay your bills is an inadvisable strategic approach to gambling, at best. Slot machines offer some of the worst odds and lowest payout rates in casinos.

Person Playing Slots

They operate to serve the needs of inexperienced amateur gamblers, while providing casinos with a great way to boost their profit margins. But, that doesn’t stop people from picking slots as their game of choice.

These “professional” slot players can spend hours pressing buttons or pulling levers, hoping to hit it big. They often believe they have the games down to a science and know which machines are primed to win.

The truth is that nobody knows when a slot machine will hit a jackpot, as the game is completely luck-based and doesn’t reward skill.

3 ‒ The Old Timers

Gamblers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Depending on when you go gamble, a considerable number of machines will be occupied by some of the elderly members of the gambling community.

These players might play slots for the perks, free drinks, or simply as a way to kill time. Most of the time, they are completely locked in on the machine and play without a carry in the world.


Many of these types of players have spent countless hours posted up on a machine and are quite familiar with their favorite spots around the casino.

For the most part, these gamblers stay out of the way and rarely attract so much as a second glance. But they are often great members of the gambling community and seem to hit big wins more often than other demographics.

4 ‒ The Slot Zombie

It’s easy to get in a trance in casinos. That can occur while playing pretty much any game, but slot machines make it very easy to lose track of time.

Slot machines are located all around the casino and are prevalent in some of the quieter, secluded areas. Players can easily sneak away to these parts of the gambling hall to get into their gambling zone.

People Playing Slots at the Casino and Getting Drinks

To go along with that phenomenon, slots are quite repetitive, as most machines play the same sequence of graphics, sound effects, and music.

Because of that, one of the most common types of slot players are known as slot zombies. These gamblers sit in front of a machine, seemingly lifeless, only moving to press buttons that read “repeat bet.”

From a distance, you probably couldn’t tell whether they’re winning or losing. They handle wins and losses with the same emotionless response.

5 ‒ The Machine Hopper

Machine hoppers are arguably the most annoying variety of slot players that exist in casinos.

These types of gamblers will bounce from machine to machine, somewhat inexplicably, which makes for an erratic style of gambling.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s impossible to understand the method to their madness. But there’s no denying that it’s hard to watch.


The main problem many gamblers have with machine hoppers is that they are the manifestation of all the superstitions that exist in casino cultures. They will sit in a certain manner, drink a particular brand of cola, and only stick to one type of machine.

They will often roam around the rows of slot machines, sometimes getting far too close to other gamblers. The worst types of these gamblers will wait until you leave a machine and immediately pounce on it.

In their minds, this shift in gamblers somehow increases the likelihood that the machine will produce wins. But you should know that this changes nothing and all slot machine results are completely random.

6 ‒ Mr. Last Ditch Effort

As you leave the casino, the last game you will encounter is a slot machine. As I said earlier, there are more slot machines than any other type of casino game.

Slots get a ton of traction from gamblers who are either arriving or departing. Speaking from experience, slots get a lot more enticing the longer you’re in a casino.

They’re particularly alluring to those gamblers who are leaving the casino after getting crushed by the house.

6 Reasons to Hate Playing Slot Machines

Other types of games that offer better odds make it hard to win a ridiculous amount of money rapidly. Take blackjack for example: if you want to win a great deal of money you have to raise your bet, or play the game for an extended period.

However, slot machines can hit a jackpot at any point.

While these massive wins occur randomly and infrequently, there’s always a chance you can win big.

So, as gamblers are leaving the casino, they might slide their last $20 into a machine, hoping to hit it big or recoup some of their losses.


There are plenty of different types of gamblers, especially slot players. While the game is somewhat simple compared to other games, it attracts a random assortment of gamblers.

New gamblers love to play slots because the game is easy and out of the way of the judgmental glances of other players.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those players who could be considered “professionals.” While it’s incredibly challenging to win money playing slots on a consistent basis, they insist that it’s possible.


Casinos appeal to gamblers from all age groups, and older gamblers often play slots more than any other variety of casino game. These types of players know what to expect when it comes to slots, and typically enjoy the consistency and repetitive nature of the game.

However, these redundancies can easily put players into a trance. The musical notes, sound effects, and graphics might make players lose track of time and turn them into zombies.

Arguably the worst type of slot player is known as the machine hopper who bounces from machine to machine. You might notice these players peering over your shoulder, hoping to pounce on a machine and hit a jackpot.

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