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What are the Rules for Rejoining on Junglee Rummy?


Rejoin Rules on Junglee Rummy

When it comes to online rummy, you never know what’s going to happen next. From the moment you enter the game, you are in for amazing surprises. 

No, we are not kidding!

As soon as the cards are dealt, you and other participants in the game start working on creating combinations. And this is a common objective for every rummy variant. But there are slight variations in the game rules of each variant that you should know. 

For example, if we talk about pool rummy, there is a provision to rejoin a game after getting eliminated. Yes, you read that right! In the pool rummy variant, if a player gets eliminated after exceeding a certain score, they can rejoin the game and play for the prize pool.

But there’s a catch! Players must abide by a few rules to rejoin while playing on the Junglee Rummy platform. Read on if you want to know the rules and more.

Rejoining rules on Junglee Rummy

The rejoin option is quite beneficial for expert players who have their eyes on the winning amount and who want to make the best use of their stakes. However, note that this option is exclusively available in the pool rummy game only. And above all, it can be used at a 6-player table only. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with rejoining rules on the Junglee Rummy platform.

  • Criteria to rejoin

A player is eligible to rejoin a pool rummy table only if: 

  • The player has been eliminated from the game after reaching a certain score.
  • The player has sufficient balance in their Junglee Rummy account.
  • The highest score is below the predefined limit (which we will be discussing below).

However, if a player has dropped out of the game, they cannot use the rejoining option at a pool rummy table. 

  • Maximum score to rejoin

A player is eligible to rejoin a pool rummy table only if the highest score is below the predefined limit. For 101 pool rummy, the player cannot rejoin if the highest score is more than 79 points. On the other hand, in 201 pool rummy, the score should be below 174 to become eligible for rejoining the game. 

If you have reached a score higher than the above-mentioned threshold, you get eliminated and your rejoining request will be automatically rejected. Also, please note that you can rejoin only before the next deal begins.

  • Rejoining fees

If a player wishes to re-join a rummy table, they have to pay a small entry fee to enter the game. However, before you use this option, we recommend you maintain sufficient balance in your Junglee Rummy account. This is important as the amount will be deducted from your game account only. 

All in all, the rejoining option at the pool rummy table comes as a blessing in disguise for players who want to win from a huge prize pool. If you are someone with great rummy skills, this is your chance to play for incredible winning amounts. 

Junglee Rummy hosts exciting tournaments where you not only win cash prizes but also get a chance to win cars, motorbikes, smartphones, laptops, and more. Download our rummy app now and get a welcome bonus worth ₹8850, which can be used to play cash games. Happy gaming!

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